Storytelling to improve engagement and an inclusive work culture

City & Guilds supports workplace culture with employee stories

Global leader in skills development and apprenticeship schemes, City & Guilds has innovated with StoryTagger since 2019 capturing purposeful authentic videos to actively progress their target workplace culture.

From student impact stories to silo-busting business perspectives the City & Guilds communications team has pioneered the use of user-generated video throughout the organisation. Adriana Neves, Internal Channel Strategy Manager tells us: “StoryTagger has really helped us empower our colleagues to tell a story in their own way and where they feel comfortable. We’re able to reach people we’ve never been able to before.”

It started with storytelling to support successful merger and acquisitions before extending the use of StoryTagger for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the group plus feedback from beneficiaries of technical training. During the CoVID-19 pandemic, this stepped up to leaders filming regular, heartfelt video updates to keep everyone informed across the business.

With a large and diverse workforce spread across the globe, City & Guilds wanted to explore ways to support positive change around Diversity & Inclusion (DE&I). They used the International Women’s Day awareness campaign as a platform to:

    • Raise awareness and educate people around DE&I
    • Give employees a platform to share their views
    • Shine a light on the company culture

By asking colleagues from around the world to share what International Women’s Day meant to them, they were able to highlight why it was so important to raise awareness. Their decentralised approach to sharing employee experiences and stories showed just how much diversity and inclusion is part of the City & Guilds culture.

These videos help us connect and inspire the men and women in the company to show their support.

Camelia Coman
Internal Communications Executive & Peer Coach, City & Guilds

Impactful communications with video storytelling

For City & Guilds, employee-generated video is important for internal and external communications because it allows them to engage colleagues, connect with each other across different regions and brands, and give their employees a voice. Watch the video to find out how they get the best knowledge and experiences from their people.

Raising awareness through stories with City & Guilds

City & Guilds shared their final International Women’s Day video montage across company and employee-led social media channels. Not only did this contribute to the global conversation, but it also helped showcase their inclusive employer brand. Find this and other videos from City & Guilds below:

City & Guilds - International Womens Day - Video
City & Guilds - International Day of Charity - Video
Inter Train / C&G - Ask an apprentice - Video

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