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London Business School
Bouygues Energies & Services
Common Purpose
Kennedys Law
The impact is incredible. We can induct large numbers of volunteers on an ongoing basis and the team can focus on adding value.
Emily Daniel
Operations Lead, Together Co

Bring the incredible influence of UGC video into your workplace

TikTok and Instagram have transformed how people consume knowledge and experiences.
How will you start building on the popularity of these formats?

Traditional content struggles to engage

Formats that worked for decades are falling behind because user-generated video has transformed how people consume knowledge and experiences on social media.

Employee-generated content is different

Simply offering a record button doesn’t work because employees need guidance to build confidence and share something of value.

Culture, productivity and ability to change

Content that fails to represent a diverse and inclusive cross section of your business feels out of step with digital culture and has a higher risk of failing to achieve desired results.

What makes StoryTagger different?

Most video apps only focus on recording a slick video.
When you need people to share 
valuable work experiences, storytelling matters more.

Manual recording

No support for creators.
Best for experienced vloggers.

Video apps

Great video effects.
Best for spontaneous clips.

Storytelling apps

Reflection and storytelling aids. 
Best for knowledge sharing. 

Stories to improve the whole employee experience

From winning recruitment campaigns to purpose-led leadership programmes, there’s no substitute for amplifying the incredible bank of lived experience, knowledge and stories in your own organisation.

Put employees at the centre of your employer brand

Put employees at the centre of your employer brand
Bring employee experiences to life to support recruitment and retention.

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Take a storytelling approach to DE&I

Take a storytelling approach to DE&I

Bake in inclusive processes to how you source and share employee stories which change perspective and behaviour.

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Spark ideas and a groundswell for change

Spark ideas and a groundswell for change
Video stories from people who model new ways of working can supercharge a culture shift and embed change in your organisation.

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Improve how you collaborate with SMEs

Improve how you collaborate with SMEs
Widen your pool of expertise by making it easy to curate on-point video from everyone, not just those who shout loudest.

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Build the best starting blocks for new employees

Build the best starting blocks for new employees
Create a sense of belonging from Day 1 with leader welcomes, day in the life stories and snapshots of how people live your values and behaviours.

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Respond to the skills crisis

Respond to the skills crisis
Share the ‘why’ behind re-skilling programmes and use storytelling as an active learning strategy to help people reflect, practise and improve.

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Add interactivity and active learning to classrooms

Add interactivity and active learning to classrooms
Create a safe space and increase online participation with video ice breakers, pre-work and cohort based storytelling.

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Develop 21st century leaders

Develop 21st century leaders

Nurture empathetic, purpose-led leaders who can inspire trust digitally through reflection, storytelling and communications.

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Christopher Lind - Learning Sharks
StoryTagger addresses the challenges of content creation by keeping the process simple for the user while allowing a designer to structure a quality story.
Christopher Lind
Learning Tech Talks

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See how employee-generated video is meeting real business goals

Online learning provider, The Learning People, created a powerful library of brilliant video testimonials to showcase student impact and increase online learning course take up. Listen to their story.

How loneliness charity, Together Co, halved training time and tripled the number of support-ready volunteers to meet a surge in demand with their user-generated video induction playlist.

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