Top performers share expertise to increase client revenues

Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world. Its EMEA team needed to increase the sales capability of 120 account managers to help them recognise opportunities earlier and base their conversations on business benefits not price.

Sales and technical experts used StoryTagger to showcase the best way to sell Verizon’s products. This included market context, micro case studies and key sales steps. The team were able to reach everyone with critical product knowledge and sales strategies through compelling, authentic videos in a matter of minutes.

StoryTagger was a major part of Verizon’s new programme which generated a multimillion pipeline over a six month period. Hyper-focussed short knowledge sharing videos improved the communications skills and sales capability of the wider team.



Humanising the shift to online learning during the pandemic

The fabulous learning team at Bouygues Energies & Services is one of our early customers who continue to innovate and use StoryTagger to meet a wide range of needs in a really proactive and pragmatic way.

Examples include:

Providing a simple, secure and personal mechanism for the UK CEO to share key business strategy points.

Capturing sponsor, colleague and learning and development team video testimonials for a fast-approaching award submission deadline.

Helping new starters get to know each other before their virtual induction days – which have been reimagined online since the global pandemic.

Embedding video storytelling in a number of instrumental development programmes to help create safe spaces for delegates, provide elevator pitch and communication skills practice and consolidate learning.


Video testimonials reveal career-changing benefits of technology skills

Building relevant, in-demand skills is crucial to growing a successful tech career. As a leading provider of career-ready online training, The Learning People steps in when people are either starting out or exploring how to pivot their careers. When there’s so much at stake it’s essential that prospects can hear from certified students who have benefitted from one of their courses.

The marketing team recognised the power of real video stories from real people so used StoryTagger to capture honest student testimonials sharing their career ambitions, expectations, personal challenges and study approaches. As well as giving advice to others, the stories also talk about their experience of The Learning People, why they chose them and the impact of getting certified in a new skill.

Hosted on their website and posted on social media, The Learning People now has a powerful, and growing range of advocacy video content made with StoryTagger. The stories show the benefits of career change and help new students make the right choices for them.


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Video storytelling connects new starters with retail brand on induction bootcamp

A leading global sportswear brand needed to onboard a 250-strong sales team to their new London flagship store as part of an innovative three day induction bootcamp.

To help new starters, mostly digital natives in their 20s, connect to the brand, core values and each other the L&D team used StoryTagger as a contemporary way to share experiences throughout the event.

Starting with a video icebreaker the new team were invited to share their personal stories about the brand, London and what matters to them. Existing managers and senior leaders recorded authentic welcome messages which communicated their passion without impacting their busy schedules. Plus, everyone reflected on each day’s experience via the platform to share their top takeaways. As well as supporting the experience live, a mash-up of the video stories were shown on a big screen as a powerful finale, creating a digital archive of the event.


Travel company solves dip in sales through targeted customer video feedback

An international cruise ship company had experienced a dip in onboard sales for their spa experience and were unsure why customers weren’t taking advantage of their offers.

Customer feedback forms led to a hypothesis that pricing was the issue but they wanted to dig deeper to make sure they were making an informed decision about the best course of action. Working with an external research consultancy they used StoryTagger to capture onboard customer experiences whilst still fresh. Guided video reflection gave customers the confidence and direction to provide more frank, detailed responses than in a survey or face-to-face interview.

As a result the research consultancy were able to capture real insight about what was driving customer behaviour not only highlighting gaps in previous data but also contradicting the original assumptions. Rather than a pricing issue it was service-related – much easier and more cost-effective to address to improve sales performance. StoryTagger helped uncover the real issue.


Brilliant student life stories to help people get the most from university

The Student Room (TSR), the UK’s largest online student community, knows that the best support for students often comes from other students. Partnering with the University of East Anglia (UEA), TSR needs to help and advise undergraduates during a time of high excitement, uncertainty and anxiety as they enter the next major stage of their lives.

To support this transition in a relatable, impactful way, TSR aimed to capture short videos from current students talking about university life. Designing an effective workflow with StoryTagger, TSR was able to leverage the expertise and passion of students to create concise, value-led and shareable stories. The StoryTagger platform gives TSR the ability to reach, brief and source regular, on-point vlogs direct from student ambassadors through specific questions and prompts. TSR adds these powerful clips to more formal online content as social proof and peer learning.

The TSR and UEA teams have seen significant increases in content engagement since adopting StoryTagger.


Rich video profiles help customers select the best coach for them

People Untapped, a consultancy specialising in interventions that unlock potential, wanted to optimise aspects of their customer service by helping people select the best coach, trainer or facilitator for their needs.

They came up with a simple yet brilliant plan to collect rich, personal biography videos from all of their front-facing team and associates. With an important project on the horizon, the People Untapped team needed to create a vendor-neutral ‘lookbook’ in record time so it was important that the videos were consistent and enabled customers to compare like-for-like.

Using StoryTagger, the team captured a vibrant collection of short video profiles using the tool’s interview structures and prompts. Gillian Davies said “StoryTagger worked really well, easy for the contributors and required very little of our time to capture great content”.

The video submissions covering style, assignment examples and expertise are clear, structured and easy to compare.


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Knowledge sharing videos help MBA students start and grow their careers

One of the top-ranked business schools in the world, Cambridge Judge Business School
has used StoryTagger to help their MBA students start and grow their careers through three separate projects:

Interview experience exchange
The Career Development Team created a topic structure in StoryTagger to help MBA students exchange short pieces of video feedback following an interview experience. How did they prepare? What sort of questions were they asked? Was there anything they wish they’d known beforehand? And, what advice would they give to others?

Alumni stories from 2008/9
MBA alumni from 2008/9 were invited to share their recruitment experiences during the financial crisis to help students prepare for job searching in a global pandemic. The aim was to excavate lessons learned. How do you look for work in a crisis? How do you plan for recovery?

External career consultants video profiles
MBA students have access to 1:1 advice with external career consultants. To help the consultants build early rapport and personal connections with the new student intake they’ve recorded short video profiles to share their areas of sector and function expertise as well as their approach.


Conference marketing

As the official video storytelling partner in 2019 and 2020, StoryTagger helped Learning Technologies Exhibition and Conference extend and deepen interaction with delegates through thought-provoking session trailers. International speakers recorded punchy, insightful videos to foreshadow their talks to get delegates thinking before the event and selecting the most relevant sessions for them.




Development programme

A globally renowned sports organisation is using StoryTagger to enhance its project-based development programme which helps high-performing managers advance their leadership skills. With a finely-tuned year of in depth events and interventions participants are set timely video tasks to reflect on what they’ve learned and how they’ve translated this into practice.


Fundraising with stories

A not-for-profit organisation, helping people get ready for the next phase of their career, wanted to spotlight the power of storytelling as a mechanism to secure funding and improve marketing effectiveness. Their communications team devised a storytelling contest to surface brilliant impact stories that show how member institutions help people to change their lives.



Increasing reach and engagement through authentic video communications

City & Guilds Group, a global leader in the education and training sector, has innovated with StoryTagger to capture purposeful selfie videos in a multitude of ways. From student impact stories to silo-busting business perspectives the communications team has pioneered the use of user-generated video throughout the organisation. Adriana Neves, Internal Channel Strategy Manager tells us: “StoryTagger has really helped us empower our colleagues to tell a story in their own way and where they feel comfortable. We’re able to reach people we’ve never been able to before.”

It started with storytelling to support successful merger and acquisitions before extending into collaboration and knowledge sharing across the group plus feedback from beneficiaries of technical training. During the CoVID-19 pandemic, this has stepped up to enable leaders to film regular, heartfelt video updates keeping everyone informed across the business.


“StoryTagger team’s support, flexibility and collaboration have been amazing in the past months. So delighted to be working with you on this project.”

Smaranda Dochia

Director of Digital Learning & Events
Association of Coaching

Video research identifies commercial potential of Women’s World Cup

A strategic market research consultancy, Aviatrix was curious about the viewing demographic and interest in the Women’s World Cup.

They wanted to conduct research with an online female research community to assess intention and reaction at different stages of the game to help identify new commercial opportunities for sponsors and retailers.

Aviatrix chose StoryTagger to conduct the study, as participants could easily complete the auto-ethnographic video research on their mobile phones. Setting up three interview frameworks with handy prompts the team captured immediate reaction before, at half-time and after the game which showed rich results including a change in perceptions.

Participants found StoryTagger intuitive to use allowing for more spontaneity in the responses. In addition, the ability to set a time limit and capture on-point responses in bite-sized blocks made analysis super-quick. Aviatrix were able to concentrate on synthesising genuine visual stories to successfully communicate their research findings.


Inspirational women share top career tactics to support gender equality

How can you amplify voices to create positive change? The #WomeninLearning movement has become a powerful force actively promoting women and supporting gender equality at all levels of the industry. In 2019, we teamed up with the brilliant Sharon Claffey Kaliouby, Kate Graham and Nigel Paine to invite inspirational women in learning to share their experiences on video. This included career top tips, tactics plus what we need to all do to make a difference. 

Launched on International Women’s Day, LearningNow TV showcased a mash-up of these candid, poignant and motivational stories. Hosted on YouTube, the videos were also posted individually on social media encouraging more women to participate, self-film for the first time and share valuable, personal experiences with the L&D community.

Looking for inspiration? Watch these 16 short tip-packed videos from Heads of L&D, learning designers, business owners, consultants, analysts, marketing specialists and technologists.

This movement belongs to every woman in the industry and has spawned an incredible compilation of podcasts, research, events and videos. We’re proud to be part of it.



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