Take control of your user-generated video stories

Source video quickly and at scale with our story manager and simple mobile app.

Design, manage, distribute and track

Our cloud-based story manager helps you design, manage and moderate your stories. It also provides a range of analytics to help you understand how stories are being used. So, you can personalize communications with your people. Plus, it includes resources and templates to help you design stories and increase engagement.

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Plan, record and share

Our user-friendly mobile app guides your colleagues and customers through the storytelling process. So, it’s easy for them to reflect, create, record and upload their own inspiring videos.

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Capture and share authentic user stories in 5 simple steps

  1. Identify where user-generated video content can help you achieve your goals.
  2. Use our simple online toolkit to create engaging story frameworks and prompts that meet your organisational and campaign needs.
  3. App guides users through the storytelling and recording process.
  4. Distribute content via StoryTagger or your existing platforms.
  5. Use analytics to help improve existing video content and plan future campaigns.
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Your video storytelling platform

Simple management

StoryTagger takes care of uploading, content management, moderation and analytics, leaving you free to focus on effective storytelling.

Expert toolkits

Anyone can use our simple online toolkit to design engaging story frameworks that meet unique organisational goals.

Branded experiences

Customise the appearance of story packs by adding your own branding and imagery. This makes sure your people experience a seamless brand experience.

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StoryTagger is the result of our years of experience and expertise at LearnerLab. A self-service product designed to make it easy for you to source and manage talking head content without special skills or equipment.

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