The smart way to share stories about work without 1-1 interviews

StoryTagger transforms how you capture real employee video stories to inspire change, learning and growth.

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to

All you need to capture and share real work stories. StoryTagger supports onboarding, learning transfer, talent development, culture change and transformation plus everything in between.

Campaign Manager

Your admin dashboard

Discover how Campaign Manager makes the whole curation process easy from topic design to downloading your ready-to-use MP4 files.

Guided storytelling apps

Give people confidence to share

See how StoryTagger builds confidence and helps all employees share detailed and valuable work stories regardless of their role or digital experience. 

Subtitle Studio

Share stories around the world

Bring accurate AI-generated transcripts from your stories into an intuitive editing interface. Translate into common languages, generate time-coded subtitle files and burn subtitles into your MP4 files for ultimate localisation.     

Don’t just take it from us

StoryTagger was a powerful and effective way to share and leverage authentic video stories.
Miriam Speidel
Learning and Development Specialist, Triple Point
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Discover what makes StoryTagger different to other video tools and see how real stories drive organisational change and foster a culture of learning.