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We help teams of all sizes transform real work experiences into powerful, on-point employee-generated video stories.

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Per Month/Billed yearly
Start capturing employee generated video stories.



Per Month/Billed yearly
Curate more video stories for different campaigns.



Per Month/Billed yearly
Engage recurrent creators, run cohort-based campaigns.


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Billed yearly
Scale with integrations and specialist support.



Billed yearly
Start capturing employee generated video stories.



Billed yearly
Curate more video stories for different campaigns.



Billed yearly
Engage recurrent creators, run cohort-based campaigns.


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Billed yearly
Scale with integrations and specialist support.

Take a look at all the features…

Story creators
Add/remove story creators
Native Android and iOS apps
Desktop browser app
Desktop authoring tool
Unlimited campaigns
Custom branding (mobile apps)
Engagement automation
Campaign planner
Cohort based campaigns
Automated publishing
Monthly data allowance
Design tools
Interview design tools
Interview template library
Video editor
AI Multilingual transcripts and subtitles
Custom branding (video export)
Domain based validation
Two factor authentication
Custom sign off form
Onboarding call for new administrators
Supporting your first campaign
Administrator support by email
Creator support by email
Quarterly 1-1 check-ins
On demand campaign consultancy
Administrator live call support
New team onboarding
Integration support
Add team accounts
Single Sign On (SSO)
Email integration
Automatic video transfer and hosting

StoryTagger is helping our leaders amplify innovation, experiences and learning in an agile and human way.

Carol-ann Gibson
EU Operations Program Manager, Amazon 

With the use of StoryTagger, filming is a lot quicker. It’s actually opened up new avenues and new ideas for how we work.

Laura Frames
Senior Learning and Development Advisor, Bouygues

Discover what people are saying about their StoryTagger experiences

 Build a business case for video storytelling

Need to create a business case to secure buy-in? Book a demo with our experts and you’ll receive a tailored one-pager to share with your stakeholders. 

What makes StoryTagger different?

There’s lots of ways to create content on digital channels, but only StoryTagger makes it easy for people to share complex work stories with the depth to increase engagement, support learning and inspire change.
Reduces cost, admin and editing

StoryTagger minimises the need for editing and automates repetitive administration tasks.

Builds confidence and skills

It uses reflective practice to guide subject matter experts to focus on what’s of most value to your organisation.

Quality, on-point content

Anyone can customise built-in question frameworks aligned to business goals with step-by-step tutorials.

Simple for everyone 

Designed for busy People teams who need to share specific stories on complex topics.

Measure the ROI of employee-generated video storytelling

1-1 video interviews are slow, time-consuming and impossible to scale.
A StoryTagger campaign with even 10 stories is between 10x and 25x cheaper and faster to capture.
75% employees starting a new role feel the experience isn’t what they expected. It costs an average of 6 – 9 months salary to replace them.

See these business benefits:


  • Higher engagement before Day 1.
  • Better access to senior and diverse employee voices.
  • Greater understanding and alignment to company mission and values.
  • Faster time to competence.
  • Higher retention of new starters in first 6 weeks / 6 months.
Over 50% L&D teams plan to upskill SMEs and switch to user-generated approaches in 2022 to extend resource. (Fosway)

See these business benefits:

  • Better and more diverse content.
  • Faster and cheaper way to capture expertise.
  • Grow your coaching and learning culture.
  • Higher engagement with learning content.
  • Faster spread of good practice.
  • Impact on performance for your target business area.

Organisations which take a blended learning approach to support both transfer and connection have stronger learning cultures. (RedThread Research)

See these business benefits:

  • Higher level of confidence and trust with both cohort and learning.
  • More interaction in virtual classroom.
  • Increase in learning transfer through reflective practice and knowledge sharing.
  • Better power skills: communication, reflective practice, empathy, storytelling.
  • Higher performance in role.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a set up fee or minimum contract length?

Everyone gets a free onboarding call in case you have any questions. Our minimum standard contract is one year.

Can I add more administrators or story creators?

Customisations are available on our Team, Professional and Enterprise plans.

Is StoryTagger available in every country?

You can manage and use StoryTagger anywhere in the world. 

Do you support our onboarding process? Is GDPR and privacy covered?

StoryTagger is fully GDPR compliant and your sales partner will provide everything your legal and infosec teams need to review and approve.

What format are the stories? Can I share StoryTagger content anywhere?

StoryTagger creates standard MP4 files that are ready-to-share on your internal platforms, social channels and anywhere else you need. Files are automatically edited and compressed and you own all of the intellectual property.

Our LXP/LMS has a record button, why do I need StoryTagger?
Having access to hardware or a record button doesn’t automatically support capability. StoryTagger has been designed to overcome all of the challenges people face when trying to share work stories on video.

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