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Unlock your people’s most transformative work stories with StoryTagger’s desktop and mobile apps.


User-generated video made for work 

HR teams know the importance of sharing stories that are both valuable and authentic. Traditionally, this type of video needed live interviews. 

StoryTagger is unique among video tools by using smart reflection, storytelling and recording features to automate the interview process. This combination means people naturally share work experiences which hit your project goals.

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Workplace storytelling for everyone 

Failing to regularly share employee experiences reinforces an outdated, rigid, top-down culture.

StoryTagger’s intuitive, step-by-step process captures insights from front-line workers to your CEO. Use it to democratise knowledge sharing across all levels of your organisation.


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Simplicity, speed and quality 

Attempts at employee-generated video often fail due to low-quality results or a challenging creation experience.

StoryTagger simplifies the process, removing the anxiety and complexity associated with manual recording. Everyone can create high-quality stories they’ll be proud to share.

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Explore more key features 

Reflect and plan

Prompts guide creators to reflect on work experiences. This helps employees shape their stories with a mix of structure and creative freedom.

Notes, not scripts

Create on-screen notes and get all the story essentials in one place balancing detail,  speed and authenticity.

Mobile recording

Our mobile apps utilize the latest Android and Apple technologies to sharpen audio, optimize lighting, face positioning, and stabilize videos. 

Desktop recording

Enjoy seamless recording directly in your browser, with no downloads or plugins needed.

The quality and depth of stories we captured with StoryTagger exceeded expectations.
Christina Freeman
Learning Design Practitioner, DofE

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Frequently asked questions

Is StoryTagger recording available on desktop?

Yes, your people can choose whether to download our free mobile app or use the browser based recorder to share their story. No downloads or plugins are required.

How does StoryTagger reduce the need for video editing?

Users record their stories on a number of short videos following specific questions your team provides. These are then automatically merged, compressed and made available for you to download.

How do we invite colleagues to share stories?

Simply add an employees name and email address, and StoryTagger will take care of making sure they’ve got invitations, instructions, reminders, thank you messages.

Can we write prompts in different languages?

Yes. StoryTagger can be used in most languages and offers AI generated translations for stories you receive in a different language.  

What if people don't have technical skills

StoryTagger is so simple to use we’re confident most employees can share their work story regardless of age, skills or confidence. 

Is StoryTagger complicated to use?

We designed StoryTagger for very busy people who prefer not to read instructions! The admin dashboard and the user apps offer streamlined and step-by-step workflows. 

Who can see the stories?

StoryTagger is not a social network, so administrators have complete control over who sees the submitted stories. 

How do we get started with StoryTagger?

As you can see from our customer list, yes we do! Lots of global enterprises have onboarded StoryTagger. Our experts will guide you through the process of introducing StoryTagger to colleagues and stakeholders. 

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