Why StoryTagger?

User-generated video is more engaging, relatable and trusted. But, how can you help employees share the richer stories and experiences that matter?
Faster to design and deploy

StoryTagger simplifies design, automates admin and eliminates editing. Optimise speed of deployment now with bite-sized video content, ready-to-use on any channel or platform.

Less vanilla, more human

The most impactful user-generated learning content is driven by the message, not the medium. StoryTagger is the only video tool which directly uncovers rich tacit knowledge to match your specific goal.

Better in-team video capability

Relying on external resources or other internal teams increases costs and causes unnecessary delays. Instead, build on your team’s skills and transform employees into expert creators to achieve reach and scale.

Quality content and active learning

By using storytelling and reflective practice techniques every employee can share a complex, on-point story. The guided process builds individual skills, embeds knowledge and contributes to a stronger learning culture.

Why now?

Stories have played a central role in how we connect, learn and thrive at work for generations. With hybrid work here to stay, many teams rely on digital channels for communication. But, existing technology isn’t helping people share rich experiences.
Audiences demand user-generated video

With consumer media influence, preferences for video as a medium, higher engagement levels with UGC and lower cost, 50% L&D teams now plan to upskill internal talent to create content.

People teams must do more for less

With costs rising, don’t let your valuable designers do unproductive editing or admin work. Save money and cut waste while helping your team demonstrate value.

Strong learning culture for business value

Culture matters – people need to feel part of it and equipped to contribute. By supporting ‘bottom up’ as a curated experience you’ll respond faster to change and shifting skills requirements.

Co-workers trust each other more

The second most trusted source of information after scientists (Edelman 2022), employee voice needs to be amplified to drive learning, performance and change.

A well-told work story is worth its weight in gold.

Iain Culkin
Senior Digital Solutions Designer at EQUANS UK


Record buttons alone don’t work

When so much enterprise and mobile technology includes a record button, why isn’t everyone sharing work stories?

People struggle to reflect: 82% people struggle to codify complex experiences.

Lack of storytelling skills: Crafting a work story from scratch is a skill most don’t have confidence in.

Imposter syndrome: Sharing online feels a big stage to step onto.

A record button is the equivalent of a blank sheet of paper. StoryTagger provides the scaffolding to overcome these common barriers to success.

StoryTagger keeps the process ridiculously simple for the user.

Christopher Lind
Founder at Learning Sharks


Recording 1-1 interviews don’t scale

Organisations have resorted to recording traditional real-time interviews. Not only is this expensive, especially with video crews, but even recording interviews via web conferencing tools has hidden costs and quality challenges which makes it unsustainable.

Inviting 10 employees to share their story with an individual StoryTagger licence is 11 x quicker and costs 7 x less than interviewing via Zoom or Teams.

*Includes average Learning Designer salary costs, software and communication with interviewee.

StoryTagger delivers the business impact you need at a scale that works

By using StoryTagger’s automated story design, interview and engagement workflows you can embed employee storytelling into all of your programmes and campaigns. Start nurturing a culture of co-creation that will deliver ever-increasing returns.

Put employees at the centre of your employer brand

Bring employee experiences to life to support recruitment and retention.

Respond to the skills crisis

Share the ‘why’ behind re-skilling programmes and use storytelling as an active learning strategy to help people reflect, practise and improve.

Develop 21st century leaders

Nurture empathetic, purpose-led leaders who can inspire trust digitally through reflection, storytelling and communications.


Line up the best starting blocks for new employees

Create a sense of belonging from Day 1 with leader welcomes, day in the life stories and snapshots of how your people role model company values and behaviours.

Spark ideas and a groundswell for change

Video stories from people who model new ways of working can supercharge a culture shift and embed change in your organisation.


Improve how you collaborate with SMEs

Widen your pool of expertise by making it easy to curate on-point video from everyone, not just those who shout loudest.

Take a storytelling approach to DE&I

Bake in inclusive processes to how you source and share employee stories which change perspective and behaviour.

Get people to do the right thing

Help people truly connect to why they need to change how they do things with hard-hitting, memorable real stories.

Inject your virtual classrooms with interactivity and active learning

Create a safe space and increase online participation with video ice breakers, pre-work and cohort based storytelling.

The platform is easy for anyone to use, it’s accessible and helps bring stories to life.

Jenny Bernarde
Social Media Executive at The Learning People

The easiest way to unlock employee-generated video stories

StoryTagger is the guided video storytelling platform democratising how teams curate employee-generated content.

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