Enterprise video has changed

Teams are embracing new tech and consumer behaviours to help people continue to share their best knowledge, stories and experiences. A live video tool like Zoom only solves part of this puzzle. While people now feel more comfortable seeing themselves on-screen, it’s not the ideal format for every shared work experience.

Close the skills gap

Power skills for everyone

Soft or power skills are not just for leaders. Everyone needs them now to stay relevant at work but they’re notoriously hard to practice on the job.

Our story engine, based on reflective practice principles, provides a smart way for people to develop over half the must-have job skills identified by the World Economic Forum.

Through storytelling, employees practice skills like critical thinking, resilience, emotional intelligence and social influence whilst creating valuable content at the same time.

Improve performance

Spread innovation and good practice

Most teams have their go-to experts but what if you could source the latest good practice from across your whole organisation?

StoryTagger helps everyone reflect and codify complex work experiences into bite-sized video stories so you can share expertise on customer service, innovation, sales enablement, transformation or wellbeing.

Recording videos on our phones

Sharing selfie videos for work and education is a positive new behaviour, but it’s not as simple as we first imagine.

Lack confidence

Most people don’t like the idea of self-filming. For many, it’s a new behaviour and requires a set of skills which might not come naturally.

Hard to reflect

People often find it hard to reflect and identify what’s valuable without support. It takes time to create a narrative and communicate concisely.

Privacy and scale

Technical complexity when making this work at scale from GDPR to transferring video to enterprise networks.


Where StoryTagger helps

Enterprise teams are curating powerful video stories with StoryTagger to meet lots of different goals. They’re not only saving time and money but also developing positive new ways of working and connecting with each other.

Career and people

Whether it’s a 60 second role overview or a
career story capturing passion and struggle, a selfie video
is a great way to inspire others and connect people across teams.

Development programmes

Running a virtual or face-to-face development programme? Create a safe environment, support reflection and knowledge sharing throughout and beyond its life-span.


Tap into the influence of peer-created video content. Research shows it to inspire more trust and impact than direct business or brand communications.

Knowledge sharing

Just one video can have a multiplier effect. Experiences from the front line, good practice from a high performer or laser-focused subject matter expertise, knowledge sharing can be impersonal and hard in a large organization. Using a video tool like StoryTagger makes it easy.

Change and innovation

Video stories from people who model new ways of working can supercharge a culture shift and embed change in your organisation.

Conference and events

Use video advocacy and storytelling to enhance all key stages of your conference and exhibition promotional cycle – speaker session promos, delegate stories and themed conference round ups.

Research and evaluation

How can you discover what matters to people? Data will get you so far but video feedback, autoethnography, impact stories and powerful testimonials can help prove value to sponsors and support future decisions.



Communication updates

Forget sterile corporate mission videos or long emails announcing quarterly results. Build trust in your leadership by helping them share regular authentic vlogs, check-ins and updates.

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StoryTagger guides people to share bite-sized, on-topic video stories. See how simple it is to plan, record and share a work story with a 7-day free trial.



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