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Bring the power of UGC storytelling and reflection to leadership and development programmes

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Teams are struggling to deliver impactful cohort-based virtual and blended experiences which engage, embed practice and demonstrate learning transfer. This leaves ROI on the table for L&D, learners and the organisation.

StoryTagger Cohort brings the power of guided UGC storytelling and reflection to leadership and development programmes. It gives you the platform, tools and support to dial up learning transfer. 

Who is using StoryTagger Cohort?

What our customers say

StoryTagger empowered Amazonians to share their best insights by creating a level playing field in a simple way.
Michal Niezgoda
Senior Program Manager, Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa: Storytelling challenge

Check out this brilliant example of how StoryTagger democratises leadership development through real stories. We’ve designed a step-by-step model so you can plan and run a successful storytelling challenge every time.

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Benefits of using UGC video storytelling in cohort-based programmes


Create a safe environment and increase learner engagement.


Embed more interactivity and practice, including soft skills.


Create an authentic sense of human connection asynchronously.

Learning Transfer

Improve learning transfer and application through reflective practice, knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning.

Scale and efficiency

Develop models and workflows which you can scale across programmes.

Impact and advocacy

Demonstrate impact through transformation stories and testimonials.

Where to embed StoryTagger Cohort

Introductions and goal-setting

Activities and active learning sets

Transformation journeys

Application and practice

Teachbacks and takeaways

Testimonials and advocacy

UGC video creation, a great learning activity in itself, when embedded thoughtfully in a learning journey, provides critical evidence of learning transfer. 
Jade Mountain
Director of Digital, London Business School

LBS: The power of storytelling in Executive Education

Be inspired by this good practice example of how London Business School is using StoryTagger to enhance learning transfer in their world-class bespoke programmes.

LBS Case Study

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