The Leadership Development
Storytelling Challenge

Amplify leader insights on UGC video to create learning and culture change for everyone.

Running a storytelling challenge is an impactful way to get your people to open up and share their most valuable insights on a theme that matters.

Check out this brilliant example from Amazon Alexa on how it works in practice for leadership development. We’ve designed a step-by-step model so you can plan and run a successful storytelling challenge every time.

Plus, the challenge isn’t just for leaders! You can use the same concept for DE&I, culture change or any priority theme.


Download this guide for a step-by-step process to:
  • Democratise leadership development
  • Help everyone connect to company culture, values and behaviours
  • Increase impact, multiplying learning transfer and ROI

See how you can make an impact with a storytelling challenge.

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StoryTagger empowered Amazonians to share their best insights by creating a level playing field in a simple way.

Michal Niezgoda

Senior Program Manager, Amazon Alexa


Where employee stories create impact

Careers and employer brand

With talent in high demand, competition is tough for the best candidates. How does your organisation stand out when it comes to attracting and retaining the next wave?

Subject matter expertise

Subject matter experts are the cornerstone of digital learning programmes. However, it’s challenging to scale employee content curation so the results often lack diversity.


Time-to-competence, retention and high engagement are onboarding goals you need to ace. How are you giving new starters a sense of purpose and access to key people from Day 1?

How do you measure the ROI of employee storytelling?

A story is the most fundamental illustration of how learning works naturally.

Nick Shackleton-Jones

Let’s look at an onboarding programme where new starters connect their personal stories to the brand, senior leaders share inspiring welcomes and different team members bring their roles to life with a ‘behind the scenes’ peek:
Level of connection and engagement with new starters before Day 1

Better access to senior and more diverse employee voices

Better retention of new starters in first 6 weeks / 6 months

Faster time to competence

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