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More and more organisations are encouraging teams to collaborate to spread and build expertise more effectively. In the fast, target-driven world of sales this is a must.

StoryTagger, the user-generated mobile video tool, enables your high performing sales people to share critical and specific knowledge in an accessible, quick and impactful way. It helps busy people in the field learn ‘in the moment’:

  • Transfer deal-closing product and client knowledge – in a personal way that highlights ‘war stories’ and brings benefits to life.
  • Share best pitches, mini case studies and product demos.
  • Reduce training costs and time – no more repetitive training sessions that take people away from their work.
  • Support a self-learning culture, that fits into the dynamic sales work style.
  • Deploy bite-sized knowledge every day.

How top organisations use StoryTagger to help sales teams improve performance

Best pitches

Capture all the nuances of language and tone.

Case studies

Share key sales steps, market context and more.

Product benefits

Explain, understand and bring selling points to life.


Coaching, mentoring and inspiration.

Peer-to-peer support

Knowledge-sharing, feedback and collaboration.

“StoryTagger means our whole EMEA sales team can share in the knowledge of a small number of product experts, quickly and easily. It’s having a positive impact on sales.”

Keith Povey, Head of UK&I Field Marketing, Verizon UK


How to support a continuous learning culture

Unlimited one-to-one coaching

There’s nothing like the power of watching more experienced colleagues in action to learn from their insights. But it’s not always easy to find the time. Creating personal mobile video content means knowledge and good practice can be shared with your whole team – over, and over again.

Practice the art of great performance

Sales is all about performance. Practice and feedback is the key to improvement. StoryTagger’s simple guided process helps people to rehearse and perfect their presentation skills, and seek feedback. Create tailored coaching content to guide pitches, drive meetings, sell product benefits and more. Your team can practice where and when it suits them: at home, in the car or before the all important client pitch.

One simple app. Easy to use.

StoryTagger includes a guided video learning app that helps sales people share their own knowledge, experience and expertise, easily.

Support for sales managers and their teams

There’s no limit on the amount of the number of videos your people can create and share. You’re free to make your own coaching frameworks or interview structures, so teams make inspiring videos, instantly. All video content created is managed from one place where it can be shared onto your existing platforms, or viewed in the StoryTagger app.

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