Knowledge sharing for the hybrid workplace

Unlock your most valuable employee experiences with guided video storytelling

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How do you extract hard-won experiences from the front line, spread good practice from high performers or tease out tacit knowledge? In a large, distributed organisation knowledge sharing is often hard and impersonal.

StoryTagger is a trusted, human and scalable way to unlock vital knowledge and experiences. Using guided video storytelling helps breaks through organisational silos so your people can reflect and capture the gold dust to share throughout your teams.

      • Help everyone codify their most valuable work experiences into shareable, bite-size videos
      • Connect people and knowledge as they adapt to new hybrid working models
      • Spark curiosity and innovation by widening your pool of expert voices
      • Overcome technical challenges to capture trusted, relatable knowledge directly from your teams: anytime and anywhere
      • Increase speed to knowledge by breaking through bottlenecks of subject matter expertise

Transform your people into brilliant video storytellers. It’s simple to start knowledge sharing and making a positive impact throughout your work communities with StoryTagger.

“StoryTagger means our EMEA sales team can share in the knowledge of a small number of product experts, quickly and easily.’

Keith Povey, Head of UK&I Field Marketing, Verizon

How organisations are sharing knowledge with employee-generated video

Showcasing the best way to sell solutions, sales experts at Verizon used StoryTagger to increase the sales capability through knowledge sharing within the EMEA account team. By curating short, succinct videos on market context, micro case studies and key sales steps, they were able to reach everyone with critical product knowledge and sales strategies in record time.


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To cope with the huge surge in demand caused by the pandemic, loneliness charity Together Co needed to onboard large numbers of volunteers quickly. The befriending team created a series of bite-sized induction videos of key information to get everyone up-to-speed. Shared as a YouTube playlist, it enabled new recruits to meet their colleagues, feel connected and complete the training at their convenience.

Where to use StoryTagger for knowledge sharing

Sharing tacit knowledge and real experiences through video storytelling is what StoryTagger is founded upon. The platform allows you to discover and capture knowledge to share across your organisation in so many ways:

Front line experiences

Extract the hard-won stories of navigating difficult situations.

Product Knowledge
Product knowledge

Communicate new products and services across your organisation.

Sales Stories
Sales stories

Spread good practice from your highest performers.

Real World Tips - taking notes
Real world tips

Discover and share practical information from real-life experiences.

Subject Matter Expertise
Subject matter expertise

For use in digital learning, development programmes, communities of practice and more.

StoryTagger is the knowledge sharing tool making video curation simple and scalable with tested workflows built into the platform. Extensive resources, templates, automation tools and analytics support you and your video creators in discovering the most valuable knowledge.

To find out how to discover and share the untapped knowledge in your organisation with StoryTagger, book your free demo.