Sharing stories at scale

by | May 30, 2023 | Webinars | 0 comments

We all love stories. But, even though generations of workers have shared experiences with each other, today’s employees struggle to tell meaningful work stories in digital spaces.

So how are organisations empowering their workforce through video and developing confident workplace storytellers in the future of work?

Hear StoryTagger’s Carl Hodler and Learning Sharks’ Christopher Lind discuss how employee-generated video stories can build trust, change behaviour and promote new ways of working on Learning Tech Talks.


Watch on-demand to discover:
  • Why stories inspire, influence, foster innovation and change behaviour
  • How co-created content bridges the gaps in L&D’s content processes
  • What it takes to make co-creation possible

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Curation 2.0 is about co-creating; creating structure and scaffolding then working with people to generate content. It’s a whole different skill capability.

Christopher Lind – Learning Tech Talks


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