Discover how workplace storytelling helps employees thrive, learn and grow.


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Why your company needs a storytelling strategy


  • Change happening too slowly

  • Right skills and behaviours not spreading

  • People feel disconnected

  • Training fails to impact business results

  • Too many open positions on talent marketplaces

  • Low engagement with learning

What you’ll be able to do

  • Identify where storytelling will create impact

  • Build storytelling into design and workflows

  • Understand challenges and avoid common mistakes

  • See how co-creation helps reduce costs, scale production and amplify employee voice

  • Pinpoint ROI and success measures

Some of the forward thinking teams who’ve booked workshops

City & Guilds logo
London Business School
Brilliant inspiring session with StoryTagger and the EQUANS Learning Experience Team.
Dave Cowell
Head of Learning & Talent, EQUANS

Workshop agenda

In this 30 minute session, we’ll discuss: 

  • Why stories, why now?

  • How UGC works and optimal workflows

  • Where you need to make an impact

  • What stories will you share?

Who’s this session for?


See how stories support retention and employee experience

Early Careers

Create more connected onboarding experiences for new starters


Build story based reflections and learning transfer into your programmes


Bring digital learning to life with work stories from real experts.

Meet your host
With 25 years of experience in digital, Carl explores workplace storytelling through the multiple lenses of learning, marketing and social.
He’s passionate about bringing employee stories to life and helps teams looking to democratise digital storytelling get started with user-generated video.