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How StoryTagger works

Whether you share your story on the web or mobile app, the process is the same. This overview shows what you’ll be doing but if you need more guidance, tap on the red question mark on the web app or click ‘help’ in the mobile menu bar.

1. Set up your account

If you’ve received an email from StoryTagger, tap the ‘Create your account’ button and fill in your details using the email address the invite was sent to. Received a campaign ID? Simply select how you want to record your story, and add that ID to get started.

2. Get started

Once your account is set up, choose your preferred device (web or mobile app), sign in and start exploring the story topics you’ve been assigned and watch any videos already shared.

3. Plan your story

In your topic you’ll see a selection of questions and prompts to help you plan your story. Select the questions you feel most comfortable answering, and add any notes that will help you tell your story while recording.

4. Record your story

Once you’ve finished planning, start recording! You’ll record your video in short parts which StoryTagger will automatically edit together when you submit your story. You’ll get a 3 second count down and your notes will appear on screen to keep you on track.

5. Preview and submit your story

Before you submit your story, you’ll have the opportunity to review and re-record it. On both mobile and desktop you’ll preview a quick edit with all the parts added together into one video. When you’re happy, just select a thumbnail and submit.

Frequently asked questions

I can't see my invitation email

If you've been invited to share your story and haven't received your invitation email, we recommend checking your spam folder. Sometimes, automated emails can be mistakenly classified as spam by email filters.

Here's a simple guide to help you locate the invitation email in your spam folder:

Check your spam folder: Start by accessing your email account and navigating to the spam folder or junk mail folder. The location of this folder may vary depending on your email provider.

Search for our sender address: In the spam folder, use the search bar or filter options to search for emails from our sender address ( The sender address is usually displayed in the "From" field of the email and may include our platform's name or a related domain.

Review the spam emails: Take a moment to go through the emails in your spam folder. Look for any email with a subject line or content that seems related to StoryTagger or mentions an invitation, registration, or account activation.

Move the email to your inbox: If you find the invitation email in your spam folder, select it and mark it as "not spam" or move it to your inbox. This action will help ensure that future emails from us land directly in your inbox.

Is there a desktop recording tool?

Yes. As well as native Android and iOS apps available for free on app stores, StoryTagger offers story creators the option of using a browser-based recording tool.

Use the link on this page to open the browser-based recording tool.

Who will see my story?

Please contact the person who invited you to share your story to find out exactly how it will be used. StoryTagger does not automatically share stories with other platforms in your organisation.

Can I get support?

Sure, contact  and let us know about the problem you're experiencing and one of our team will contact you.

I'm nervous about recording a video

StoryTagger guides you to share a work story you'll be proud of, so don't worry about recording a perfect video. It's your knowledge and experience that people will get real value from!

If you don’t have a StoryTagger account, please check your emails for what to do next.
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