Who are your most influential workplace storytellers?

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Planning out your campaigns and programmes for the coming year? If so, including authentic work stories from your colleagues is key to driving meaningful change and growth. Sharing these real experiences helps transform individual lessons learned into wider action. They provide essential context, show why things matter and light the way for doing things better.

The question is, how do you find your most influential workplace storytellers?

Amplify impact with credible messengers

Behavioural science shows the strength of a message lies not just in its content but also in who’s sharing it. Each story’s impact is amplified when told by a credible, relatable messenger – crucial for inspiring behaviour change or learning transfer.

And with the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer reporting trust in peers is now on par with scientists when it comes to new innovations and technologies, finding the right employee storytellers is essential.

Societal Leaders Not Trusted - Edelman Trust Barometer 2022

How to find the best employee storytellers for your campaigns

Whether it’s for recruitment, early careers, onboarding, cultural shifts or DEI initiatives, how do you identify those individuals your co-workers will relate to, that foster trust and inspire action?

These are the key sources StoryTagger customers regularly use to help locate potential storytellers:

  1. Your personal network – tap into your existing connections
  2. Line manager recommendations – who can they suggest?
  3. High performers and award winners – leverage their success stories
  4. Early adopters – pioneers with new technology or ways of working
  5. Role models – those who practise your target values and behaviours
  6. DEI community members – voices to champion diversity and inclusion
  7. Subject matter experts – those with deep knowledge in specific areas
  8. Career growth stories – who has progressed within your organisation?
  9. People with positive experiences – share impactful testimonials
  10. Alumni network – draw from past experiences and pay it forward

It’s worth being inclusive in your approach. If you embrace diversity in your line up of storytellers you’ll reach and engage the broadest audience.

When we trust, like, or feel similar to someone, their words carry more weight, and will have greater influence on our behaviour.
Elaine Gallagher, Behavioural Science Consultant – Best At Digital

Empowering your employee storytellers

After identifying the storytellers in your organisation who will authentically bring a topic to life, the next step is to equip them to share their stories effectively. Check out our engagement guide for six essential tips to make sure your campaigns and programmes deliver maximum impact, as well as our business storytelling tips and ideas for inspiration on what stories to share.

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Capture on-point stories with StoryTagger

Using the right tools means your people don’t need a special set of storytelling skills to confidently share their stories – anyone can do it! StoryTagger is the storytelling platform helping everyone share brilliant work stories to inspire co-workers to thrive, learn and grow. It enables your people to share on-point, valuable work stories, where and when it suits them, in a guided way. Book a demo to find out how.