User generated video: How student storytelling will become your most valuable marketing tool

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Resources

Starting university in 2020 is going to be different. How will institutions successfully onboard students to prepare for university life and feel part of a community during the pandemic? Is student storytelling the answer?

Watch StoryTagger co-founder Carl Hodler in conversation with Nik Taylor and Tony Lee to hear proven approaches, examples and best tactics.


This year it’s going to be different. How can we successfully onboard students to prepare for university life, feel part of a community and have positive experience during the pandemic?


It’s unthinkable that anyone would now create a student marketing strategy which isn’t digital first. Increasingly inconceivable is the idea that video and user-generated content wouldn’t headline as the two most popular formats commanding the lion’s share of attention – what happens if you combine the two?


Students listen to other students and when there’s so much change student stories are going to be more important than ever to create deep connections. Authentic and personal, user-generated video creates the trust signals that help students make good decisions, commit to action and share their own voices. Student life video stories and testimonials are a super-powerful way to drive community engagement, marketing, sales and recruitment. But, how do you go about it? What do you need to put in place to successfully crowdsource the most valuable UGC video?

StoryTagger co-founder Carl Hodler interviews two leading lights in this space who will share proven approaches, examples and best tactics.

  • Tony Lee, previously Digital Marketing Director at Study Group, is a digital disruption strategist in HE and international student recruitment.
  • Nik Taylor, Editor-in-Chief at The Student Room, has developed a successful student ambassador programme crowdsourcing student experiences stories for their lively support community.

Originally broadcast as part of Comms by the Coast & Salesfest 2020 

Organised by the wonderful Jo Walters at 25 dots 

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