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When 94% employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers, is it time to shine the spotlight on your learning culture?

This creates a strong business case for making continuous learning and career development central to your employee experience. And, Learning at Work Week provides a brilliant opportunity to do this. It’s also a chance to join forces with your L&D, Talent and Internal Comms teams to make an even bigger impact!

Running May 15-21, this year’s theme is ‘Create The Future’ and organisations are already planning their campaigns. Learning At Work Week has some great resources to get started.

But if you want to see real change in attitudes and behaviours, this can’t just be a top-down campaign. One of the most impactful tactics is to enable your people to share real stories, journeys and experiences with each other.

How can you get your people involved and recognising how they can ‘Create The Future’? Read on for a collection of story ideas to get your started.


Bring Learning At Work Week to life with stories

‘Create the future’ gives teams the freedom to make a stronger connection between continual learning, skills and career development. Plus, it’s likely one of your company values or behaviours has a future focus too, so you can align your LAWW campaign 100% to your goals.

Use these story ideas to bring to life your LAWW campaigns.


Goal 1:

Raise awareness and drive adoption

  • Run a storytelling competition relating to the LAWW theme in a way that addresses your organisational priorities e.g. How we can create the future.
  • Use learner testimonials to market learning and career opportunities to help people prioritise their development and see the benefits of your EVP.
  • Ask managers and leaders to share how learning has helped them in their careers, attitudes towards learning and how they learn.
Goal 2:

Building future skills

  • Launch or reboot your mentoring or coaching schemes by asking mentors and mentees to share the benefits of being involved.
  • Ask people to introduce their role and the most important skill they use to make a difference.
  • Get people to job swap or shadow for a day then reflect on their experience.
Goal 3:

Support internal mobility and career development

  • Promote internal career pathways by asking people to share stories about a time they’ve pivoted and what learning opportunities influenced this change.
  • Raise profile of early talent and help them develop power skills by asking them to share a story or insights to support the theme.
  • Team up with your DE&I communities to amplify diverse voices and demonstrate how you’re breaking down barriers to learning or careers pathways.

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Learning At Work Week story template

Use this to share brilliant stories

Having the right technology and workflows in place removes the complexities of sharing work stories. With StoryTagger, you have access to a template library which you can adapt and use to capture incredible stories and lived experiences. We’ve got a whole collection to support Learning at Work Week activities.

Here’s an example for your people to share how learning has shaped their career:

Part 1

Introduce yourself

  • Tell us your name and what you do now as a role.
  • How has your career changed, progressed or become more specialist?

How has learning made a difference?

  • How has learning made a difference to your career journey?
  • What skills and behaviours have helped you?
  • Share how you keep your skills up-to-date developed a learning mindset.
  • What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome along the way?
Part 3

What’s next?

  • What are your career goals or aspirations for the future?
  • Tell us how learning will support these goals.
Real stories from real people is an impactful way to facilitate workplace learning and support wider business priorities such as culture change, employee retention, future skills and more.

Making national and global initiatives like Learning At Work Week a key part of your campaign calendar, is the perfect opportunity to unite your team around common goals and kickstart change.

We’ve created a calendar showing key dates across the world. Simply match your goals to the right awareness events and start planning. There’s even a template to download and use.

StoryTagger helps get behind the story I’m telling as part of a campaign or a piece of e-learning


Mark Cobain
Head of Learning Enablement – ERM

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