A growing number of teams are working out how to crowdsource more user-generated video to support organisational learning. So, we were super-pleased to support this ambition by sharing real customer examples of how it’s making an impact in this popular seminar at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2019.

Missed it? We’re re-running the session as a webinar on 30th July 2019. Sign up.


Here’s a recap of the 10 ways user-generated video is delivering impact:

1. Learn beyond the classroom

Grow as a cohort by enabling people to reflect and self-film their stories.

2. Embed culture change

Amplify video stories from people who model new ways of working.

3. Attract and retain top talent

Help colleagues bring their career stories and highlights to life.

4. Boost reflective thinking

Proven to improve performance.

5. Capture impact evidence

Record feedback, ethnographic journeys and powerful testimonials.

6. Share knowledge

Just one video can have a multiplier effect.

7. Make innovation social

Crowdsource knowledge and insight to support innovation.

8. Spread good practice

Make it general practice.

9. Develop C21 leadership skills

Share impact by integrating user-generated video into your programmes.

10. Feed your LXP

Learn continuously with a steady flow of short, relevant colleague videos.

How to support a continuous learning culture