Is your current video strategy delivering business impact?

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Resources

Like many teams you may be relying on professional production companies to capture your colleague or customer stories and aid your video strategy.

We have identified five reasons why it’s time to consider new, innovative ways of filming authentic, value-led content for your video strategy.


It’s fun commissioning content that would look at home on Netflix, but the investment is rarely matched with real business benefits. Even when you strip the brief right down and go back to basics, a lot of resource and technology is required to run a shoot. Budgets and complexity quickly escalate.


Whether you’re visiting locations with a backpack full of equipment, or working with an external team, producing video can eat up many more hours than expected. When you factor in pre-shoot engagement, interviews, on-the-day support, post-production and editing, professional video is a heavy time investment. The set-in-stone appointments of traditional film-shoots can also pose a problem for busy colleagues. Fluid diaries and competing priorities get in the way.

The stuck-in-stone appointment nature of traditional film-shoots are also a problem for colleagues. Busy schedules and fluid diaries can become big problems.


It’s pretty much impossible to be inclusive when using traditional video production methods. Let’s say you can conduct 8 – 12 interviews on one full day of filming in one location. With remote working and global teams as commonplace it’s likely your interviewees will be based in many different places, making it hard to include all the perspectives you need. This often means that video plans are compromised or replaced with less engaging but broader reach solutions.


Everything is personalised these days including video. You may find yourself needing to shoot multiple versions of the same message for different audiences. This extends the amount of preparation and on-the-day recording required, further pushing up costs.

Technical skills

One common solution is to shift production in-house. Internal Communications can often provide video support, but they’re typically booked out for months in advance. If you’re looking to include video production as part of your team then it’s a set of new skills that usually ends up in the hands of one team member, typically a videographer. Once again this can cause bottlenecks and leave projects gathering dust when they need to be driving impact. 

These are common challenges which is why forward-looking teams are now using user-generated mobile video as a cost-effective, scalable and sustainable way to capture video stories and enable their video strategy.

Find out what makes StoryTagger different.  


Why is self-filming the future?

We listened to our customers who were asking the smart question: “Why can’t our people just film on their phones?”.

It sounds simple. However, our research uncovered critical barriers colleagues typically experienced creating and sharing video.  


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