Curate inspiring career stories with video

by | Jan 18, 2020 | Resources

Why are career videos important?


Are your people aware of all the relevant learning and career choices available to them? Many organisations recognise the need to raise awareness about the breadth of opportunity on offer, and career videos are a great way to do so. After all, a lot of people just think vertically when considering their next move.

It’s essential that everyone can identify with different career paths and roles to help them effectively grow their careers. Career videos stimulate a desire for future skills development, increase the take-up of learning services and improve employee retention.

Stories are a great way to break down barriers of seniority and function showing your diverse colleague population that anyone can ‘make it’ here. This is about supporting the individual and helping them make the best career choices to deliver against your business needs.

Raising the profile of how others tackle their own growth encourages colleagues to drive their own development and learning.

Why self-filmed video?

Career stories capture many years of hard work, ambition, challenges overcome and lessons learned along the way. They also show how different, and sometimes unusual, career journeys can lead to the same destination.

Self-filmed video doesn’t just solve the challenge of capturing this style of content at scale. It amplifies the passion behind the story. It’s more powerful than text and helps viewers build strong connections with the storyteller.

Career story template

The following framework is bundled as part of our template library ready to use in StoryTagger. It’s also handy for your internal video team
These simple questions provide a relatable structure to transform any career videos. The bulleted prompts nudge people and provide the flexibility and scope for capturing a wide range of reflections. We suggest that people select 2 or 3 of the prompts for each question

We’d also suggest that you develop a plan and workflow for capturing career stories regularly to help you attract and grow talent – your marketing team might even want these!


Q1: Introduce yourself
  • Tell us your name and what you do.
  • Share why you chose to work in this role.
  • I love my team because…
  • What’s your passion? How does it show in your role?
  • Something else?

Q2: My role
  • Summarise what your role involves.
  • The thing I enjoy most about my role is …
  • Tell us how you make a difference.
  • How does it compare to roles you’ve done before?
  • How do you apply knowledge from past experience?
  • Something else?

Q3 My career highlights
  • Share your career highlights.
  • What has driven you to succeed?
  • What’s taken you out of your comfort zone?
  • I am most proud of…
  • Something else?

Q4: My approach to growth and development
  • What or who has inspired you?
  • What skills and behaviours help you to be successful?
  • What’s the best career advice you have been given?
  • Something else?

Q5: What I’ve learned
  • What’s the best advice you’d give to someone seeking to shape a similar career?
  • What is the most important thing you’ve learned?
  • The thing that’s most helped me succeed is …
  • Describe what direction you’d like to take next.
  • How would you like your story to support or inspire others?


Watch #WomenInLearning career story examples

The 2019 Women in Learning campaign asked leading female L&D professionals to share top career tactics to help others.

Check out some examples here: 

How to support a continuous learning culture
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Curate inspiring career stories with video

Why are career videos important?   Are your people aware of all the relevant learning and career choices available to them? Many organisations recognise the need to raise awareness about the breadth of opportunity on offer, and career videos are a great way to do...

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