Calendar of Awareness Days: Support Your People at Work in 2023

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Are you planning a video campaign at work to support positive change? If so, have you ever thought about linking it in with special awareness days, weeks or months?

At StoryTagger, we’ve created our own awareness days calendar for important topics to support employees, students or even your customers. There are lots of national and global appreciation days, awareness weeks and history months to help you shine a light on important health, cultural, work and social issues.

Of course, many of these events represent themes that should be front of mind all year round. However, having a defined and shared time to celebrate people’s achievements, highlight a challenge or amplify voices can help us get there.

Keeping up with the long list of awareness days can be difficult, but our awareness calendar will help you keep track of the days that are particularly important to your business in 2023.

Inspire change through storytelling with your 2023 awareness days calendar

Empowering people to reflect on their experiences and share these stories in their own words on video is such a powerful way to raise awareness and support change.

What stories would you share? Check out the 2023 campaign diary below to see what’s coming up. You can also download, save and customise your own awareness calendar template to use as a basis for your learning and communication campaigns.



Your 2023 campaign calendar of awareness events








  • All month – Stress Awareness Month






  • 26th August – National Dog Day









If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can raise awareness for your chosen topic or cause, take a look our five best elearning video ideas and examples, including an International Women’s Day awareness video from City & Guilds Group. They reached out to colleagues from around the world for #IWD2021 to find out why it was an important day to celebrate and what it means to them. They then shared it across their social media channels to raise awareness. It’s a great example of what you can achieve.

There are many benefits and challenges of using video learning to get your people to share their stories and raise awareness. See our elearning video tips and best practices for guidance on where to start.

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What are awareness days?

Awareness days, as their name may suggest, are days that bring attention to important causes, these include health, education, charity goals and more. In essence, they ask people to reflect and raise attention or awareness about a certain topic. As well as fundraising events and similar shared experiences, many people take to social media to raise awareness with its ability to reach hundreds of millions of people globally.

There are also awareness weeks and months, which simply extend the awareness to a week or month, rather than a specific day or date – for example, national work and work-life balance week.

Are awareness days the same as national days?

There is some crossover between awareness days and national days, and our calendar does include both. Awareness days typically relate to health, raising awareness from cancers and terminal illnesses to mental health and stress days. They are also used to help collect money for such causes. On the other hand, national and international awareness days look at raising awareness around cultural, social, political and important humanitarian issues.

What happens on awareness days?

Raising awareness has become so much easier thanks to the development of technology, specifically, social media, which allows us to expand our reach to more audiences. But raising awareness can also extend to more active, fun ideas, such as sponsored walks to raise awareness and invite donations for health-related causes.

If you’re celebrating a work-related awareness day or month, such as stress awareness month, you could integrate appropriate activities or perks to coincide with this event. For example, you may choose to offer a half-day Friday that month as a goodwill gesture, or a company day out/team building day away from work.

Alternatively, you could continue to raise awareness through a helpful video that shares tips on how to alleviate stress in the workplace and share it with colleagues and on social media.


How can you plan your awareness days campaign using StoryTagger?

StoryTagger is ideal for helping your people share their experiences and raise awareness about any topic, event or cause. It allows you to curate valuable employee-generated videos focussing on awareness days and campaigns that will support your industry or specific workplace.

Whether you’re looking to share knowledge or advice, reflect on your own experiences or simply improve internal communications by promoting what you or your business is doing to raise awareness for that topic, StoryTagger is designed to help people share their story in a short, on-point and digestible format. Building confidence and removing barriers to self-filming is an ideal way to raise awareness in a personal, memorable and accessible format.

  • Design brilliant interview frameworks with an extensive topic template library.
  • Publish these to the StoryTagger platform and guide your creators to record brilliant personal stories.
  • Use engagement tools and analytics to nudge people to participate.
  • Time limits to keep people on track and on target.
  • No editing skills required and it’s fully GDPR compliant.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how you can raise awareness for your chosen topic. To see for yourself how our app works, watch our introductory video guide below.

Are there any awareness days we’ve missed? If it’s important to your organisation, it might be important to others too. Let us know and we can add it here. You can see even more awareness days on

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