3 stories to help you achieve more with less

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If you’re scrambling for new ways to deliver the most impact with existing resources, you’re not alone. Most HR, Learning, Talent and Early Career teams are in the same boat. Using technology to create scale is vital, but achieving more with less is not just about how you do it. 

To multiply the impact of learning, employee engagement or culture programmes you also have to focus on why they matter. Being clear on this increases engagement and impact. It helps people understand the reason for doing something, and the benefits in the context of their organisation and role.

This is where you need workplace storytelling. Relatable, real stories by employees for employees – the most powerful, cost-effective way to add context, communicate What’s In it For Me and connect to organisational goals.

Story is the DNA of all meaning, nothing is important without the story

Annette Simmons, author and consultant

Three story topics you need to regularly use

We know employees are drowning in content yet they’re struggling to find or understand what’s relevant. So, how do you take people on a journey, inspire them to get involved, develop skills or change behaviour?  These story ideas will help you make more of your existing content and programmes by providing the context people need:

1. Plug the engagement gap

Ask a sponsor or co-worker to share why XYZ matters on video. Most campaigns will benefit from this and it’s a super-simple way to contextualise generic content for different teams and circumstances.

2. Change behaviour with real examples

Let’s take a sticky compliance issue. If you need to change behaviour you can’t rely solely on generic instructional content. But, you can use employee stories and subject matter experts talking about ‘how we do things’ around here, why this matters and the impact of what happens when we don’t do it right.

3.Inspire people to prioritise their development

If your people are not prioritising their development, or failing to see the benefits of your EVP it’s time to bring in your advocates! Ask your top learners or people who have grown their careers with you to share their skills-fuelled impact stories.

View from our story expert

StoryTagger CEO, Cheryl Clemons shares how using real stories from real people is an impactful way to facilitate workplace learning, culture change, employee retention, future skills and more.


All kinds of organisations trust StoryTagger to share brilliant stories

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Testimonial template

How to help people share real work stories

Most employees, including senior leaders struggle to share compelling stories, digitally. Traditionally, interviewers were necessary to guide reflection and craft a narrative, but the costs, and time required were prohibitive. StoryTagger automates this process using customisable story frameworks to guide people through the process. Here’s an example of one template you’ll find in the StoryTagger library that forms part of a simple, repeatable workflow to capture stories. 


Learner testimonial story template

Part 1

Introduce yourself

Tell us your name and a bit about your role.

What has been the key benefit of participating in this programme?

Part 2

Describe the impact

What’s the single most important thing you learned?

Tell us one thing you would do differently as a result.

Share the impact this has had on you, your work, career or team.

Part 3

Advice for others

Tell us why you would recommend this.

Share one tip for colleagues looking to develop their skills.

How StoryTagger helps

With structure, scaffolding and a simple user interface, StoryTagger makes it easy for anyone to share their story. Whether that’s a progression story detailing how learning transformed a good job into a great career, or a stakeholder reinforcing the importance of change. StoryTagger transforms workplace storytelling into a low cost, high impact way to do more with less. 

Speak to one of our experts and discover a strategic approach to workplace storytelling.  


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StoryTagger is a great way to get stakeholders and experts to talk about what they do best in a way people connect with

Mark Cobain
Head of Learning Enablement – ERM

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