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Powerful features for creators and curators

 For creators

  • Custom branded mobile app
  • In app video feed
  • Custom prompts to support reflection
  • Pre-build story structure view
  • Recording time limits
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Fast re-recording tools
  • Pause while recording
  • Onscreen notes and prompts
  • Auto framing
  • Lighting and noise alerts
  • Coaching videos
  • Add custom video thumbnail
  • Custom title
  • Background uploads
  • No video files left on device
  • Direct support from our team

For curators

  • Extensive interview template library
  • GDPR tools
  • Campaign automation
  • Video download tools
  • Branded video exports
  • Publish videos to mobile app
  • AI subtitles and transcripts
  • Preview tools with intelligent links
  • Sign-off options
  • Automated engagement
  • Email templates
  • Card-based drag and drop design tools
  • Dashboards
  • Extensive app branding
  • Multiple curators
  • Employee onboarding tools
  • API/Integration options

We’re here to help you get started

Discover why our clients love working with us and how workplace storytelling can help your people share knowledge and develop must-have skills.


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 Designed for workplace video storytelling

It’s easy to use. The prompts are very helpful for creating your story.

We instantly noticed how easy and intuitive it is to use the app.

You really don’t need any training time and can record your own stories immediately!

What makes StoryTagger different to your current video tools?

Less admin and editing
StoryTagger minimises the need for editing and automates repetitive administration tasks.

More high-quality content
It uses reflective practice to guide subject matter experts to focus on what’s of most value to your organisation.

Template libraries and guides
Anyone can customise built-in question frameworks aligned to business goals with step-by-step tutorials.

Intuitive and simple to use
Designed for busy learning teams who need to do more and better for less workload and budget.

Frequently asked questions

How much does StoryTagger cost?

Our starter plan costs less than the most basic video shoot, but the real value is how you’ll unlock a repeatable, powerful and human way to discover employee tacit knowledge.

Can we extend the licence to my whole organisation?

Yes, and once you have the platform licence, additional user licences are priced for you to scale, easily.

Do you support complicated onboarding processes?

Our enterprise plan includes additional support time to work in line with your processes. StoryTagger is used by some of the largest global companies so we have experience and process to support complex requirements.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, StoryTagger was developed post GDPR and our European customers have helped us develop additional tools that go above and beyond basic employee privacy and data security laws.

Do you offer managed services?

Yes, if you prefer to outsource we can run StoryTagger as a managed service. Ask us about this on your discovery call.

Can StoryTagger integrate with our systems?

Yes, StoryTagger is designed to be part of your ecosystem. Ask us about integration on your discovery call.