What makes StoryTagger different?

It’s the story behind the camera that matters

Most video apps focus on filming what’s in front of the camera. StoryTagger explicitly guides people to share their own learning experiences and focus on their learning reflection.

It democratises video creation in learning, and that’s what makes it different.

Guided video reflection

People are good at recounting stories but often find it harder to develop narratives from scratch.

StoryTagger guides users to craft helpful learning stories that people will want to watch. It’s designed to support reflective practice and build self-filming skills.

Why is learning reflection important?

Reflecting on our experiences is such an important step in making sure we learn and do things better in the future. 

Harvard researchers have shown that people who reflect outperform those who just practice the same task without reflection.

StoryTagger started life as a research project in 2016. The aim: To help teams build high-performing cultures by enabling everyday employees to share impactful learning stories.


Our research uncovered three primary barriers which stops people from sharing reflection videos with their phones

People struggle to reflect and create their own narrative.

A fear of filming and lack of confidence.

Technical complexity when making this work at scale from GDPR to transferring video to enterprise networks.

Amplify brilliant learning stories

StoryTagger is a user-generated video tool that uses reflection to improve learning and performance.

You don’t need to be media-trained! A frictionless user experience guides and nudges regular people through the process of reflection and self-filming.

  • It’s an innovative use of technology to help people make powerful video content.
  • Plus an intuitive and lightweight administration platform helps busy L&D teams who demand simple tools that work.

If you are looking to capture subject matter expert knowledge or just get people sharing & learning from one another, StoryTagger is an excellent, easy-to-use tool. Plus, they are great to work with!

Amanda Nolen: Learning strategist, EdTech advisor and connector. 


See how simple it is for yourself

Our mission is to democratise video for learning so that it’s easy for everyone to reflect, record experiences and learn from each other through short value-rich videos.