Develop 21st-century leadership skills with user-generated video

From Harvard to McKinsey, top thinkers are talking about the key skills and qualities leaders need to grow to inspire their teams.

Empathy and collaboration, openness and visibility, continuous learning and storytelling – they’re all essential. And by role-modelling these skills, leaders help their teams to develop too.

StoryTagger, the user-generated video tool, lets your leaders reflect on and share what they’re learning, increasing your organisation’s ability to:

  • Transfer knowledge and expertise.
  • Reduce training costs by amplifying existing knowledge and good practice beyond the classroom.
  • Deploy inspiring and useful resources at point of need.
  • Embed a self-directed learning culture.
  • Accelerate 21st century leadership skills.

“StoryTagger is helping engage our future leaders on our 100-day flagship programme with a more social, reflective and innovative experience.”

Carl Lovett, Digital Learning Manager, EDF Energy

Amplify leadership development with video

User-generated video is a powerful tool for effective knowledge-sharing. It allows leaders to engage in the experiential learning cycle, to capture and share success stories, lessons learned and impact of decisions. It leverages the expertise, passion and experiences of your high performers and spreads that knowledge and inspiration throughout your teams.

Transfer good practice beyond the classroom

Forward-thinking HR and learning teams are looking for ways to revitalise learning, making it an organic part of ‘real work’. But while many ‘blend’ digital elements with the classroom, it’s the continued sharing of experiences that supports change.

How top organisations use StoryTagger to integrate self-filmed video into leadership programmes


Meet the real people, authentically.


Share key personal learning and mindset shifts.


Commit to specific actions and goals.


Show learning applied to real work and good practice.


Gather qualitative feedback; promote programme value.

One simple app. Easy to use.

StoryTagger includes a guided video learning app that helps leaders to share their own experiences and expertise, easily.

A new tool for coaches and learning designers

Coaches and learning designers create story frameworks or interview structures to help leaders make inspiring videos, instantly. All video content created by your people is managed from one place where it can be shared onto your existing platforms, or viewed in the StoryTagger app.

What do you need your people to share?

Speak to one of our experts and find out how StoryTagger is supporting leadership teams across different sectors.


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