How the story manager works

Teams can quickly design, manage, track and distribute content with our friendly UI, templates and expert toolkits.

Create and distribute story frameworks

Our cloud-based story manager lets you quickly create and distribute frameworks to help your people reflect and share great video stories. Brand each story pack and add your own graphics. You can even upload an intro video for context and coaching tips to give your people extra support.

  • Create unlimited story frameworks
  • Each story topic split into bite-sized blocks
  • Use handy prompts to nudge your people
  • Customise with your brand and visual assets
  • Add optional introduction video and / or coaching tips


Manage your video content

When a new video is uploaded to your story manager, you’ll receive an email alert. You can view, share and download videos in a handy mp4 format, ready to share via your chosen channel. Or, simply publish back to the app.

Detailed user analytics help you monitor the success of your campaign, providing essential data for you to personalise communications for maximum engagement.

  • View all uploaded videos
  • Ability to email contributors directly
  • Secure access to story packs using two-step domain authentication
  • Detailed analytics show engagement and use data
  • Manage videos and share to your platforms
  • Publish videos to the StoryTagger app

Expert online toolkits

StoryTagger removes many of the barriers to making user-generated video content that people will want to watch.  And, it’s designed to become part of your existing learning or communications ecosystem.

User-generated video is the most memorable and shareable learning and communications format. For many using video to capture real experiences is a new, fast-growing behaviour.

Our toolkits help you create well-structured story frameworks to extract the best content and nudge people towards these new behaviours:


  • Story design toolkit
  • Communication guides and copy snippets to help you launch and engage
  • Branding templates
  • Storytelling and recording tips for users
  • Tips and advice
  • Technical support

Story manager screenshots

Find out more about how our mobile app works. Want to quickly see StoryTagger in action? Check out our 90 second video.

See StoryTagger in action

See how simple it could be to start sharing the knowledge, advocacy and impact stories that solve the challenges important to your organisation.