How the app works

StoryTagger makes capturing great user-generated content simple and affordable.

Get started with video storytelling

  • Download StoryTagger and tap in a unique code
  • Welcome screen invites you to; build a story or watch others shared from your organization, or as part of this campaign.
  • Select the story from a list of topics.

Reflect, plan and record your story

  • A short optional coaching video outlines the topic’s purpose.
  • StoryTagger breaks your story into bite-size blocks. You’re coached through planning and recording your story with prompts. You can make and use notes … a bit like an autocue.
  • Record each block until you’re happy with the result. No need to re-record the whole thing!

Review, upload and share your video

  • Your progress through each block is clearly marked and celebrated with motivating feedback.
  • Just one click to preview the whole story.
  • Simply upload your video to be moderated and approved.
  • Notifications let you know when your story has been published and is ready to share.

Find out more about how our cloud based story manager works. Want to quickly see StoryTagger in action? Check out our 90 second video.

Try StoryTagger today

See how simple it could be to start sharing the knowledge, advocacy and impact stories that solve the challenges important to your organisation.