Features to capture the best video stories

All our plans have the same great features.

Record and share from mobile

Our free-to-download app is quick to distribute to your people from the App store and Google Play

Design unlimited story frameworks and prompts

Story manager allows you to quickly create story frameworks and share them through the mobile app.

Manage your content

Preview, download and share videos with other platforms via story manager.

Add intro and coaching videos

Create and upload short intro and coaching videos from your phone. Add them to your story pack to guide people through the story creation process.

Customise and brand the mobile app

It couldn’t be simpler to brand your story pack. And make sure your people have a seamless experience.

Custom user details

Add extra form fields to capture information from your people when they upload their video.

Push notifications

When you publish a video back to the app your people will get a notification that links directly to it.

Communicate with individuals via email and push notifications

Our communications toolkits make sure your people get the right messages at the right time.

Publish stories back to StoryTagger app or existing platforms

All our videos are exported to MP4 so it’s easy to push content to your story pack or publish on social networks.

Resources to support your StoryTagger campaign

Our toolkits provide resources and guidance to help you plan, research and sell-in your story campaign.

View analytics and evaluate success metrics

Our dashboard helps you share personalized communications and prove your campaign is successful.

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