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Boost new hire engagement and productivity

Stop losing high potential employees. Help new starters feel connected to people, purpose and their future careers with real video stories captured with StoryTagger.

High performing talent teams share brilliant onboarding stories 

Authentic, concise and user-generated stories covering the key points new hires need to see.

Too much process,
too little culture

Recruitment teams increasingly use company culture, values and learning opportunities to attract the best talent. However, making sure all new starters experience these benefits in the first 45 days is tough.

This is especially hard when onboarding can over-focus on processes and paperwork with new starters expected to cover an average of 54 activities during their induction.

New hires struggle to
feel connected

Attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent is critical, but poor onboarding costs the global economy billions of dollars.

New team members must reach peak performance quickly. They also need to feel connected with colleagues, your culture and their future career potential.

This is where workplace storytelling offers a cost-effective, agile and reliable way to excite, train and demonstrate why they’ve made a great employer choice.

 What’s the story?

Great onboarding can improve retention by 82%


Brandon Hall Group


Employee-generated stories

Why use StoryTagger?

Reach everyone

Allow new starters to hear from leaders, line managers and colleagues across the globe asynchronously.

Share anywhere

Make video stories part of your introduction pack and bring human connection to the onboarding experience.

Simple to use

Recording a meaningful story is easy for any employee, making it quick to curate.

Always on topic

Help people lean into the topics that matter to new starters without needing a 1-1 interview.

Brilliant stories

Every story will add value to the onboarding experience.

No editing required

Agile video curation allows you to be more creative, strategic and personalised with how you share onboarding stories.

Connecting new starters with people and brand

When Adidas set up their flagship store in London, they needed new starters to feel personally connected with leaders and experts across the business to support sales, culture and innovation.

However, real-time conversations in a busy global retail environment were impossible, so they used asynchronous video storytelling.

Try for yourself

Onboarding story topics

Meet the team

Share intro stories in advance to promote connection and make new hires feel part of the team before they start.

Career and development stories

Demonstrate the brilliant opportunities to grow at your organisation through the voice of real employees.

Role highlights and hacks

Ask current employees to share more about different roles with tips to prepare new hires for what they can expect.

Culture and values

Build your culture with people from across your company sharing how they live your values and behaviours.

What our customers say

It’s been an effective way to share key information with our audience whilst also enabling people to meet the team virtually and feel connected to the organisation.
Emily Daniel
Head of Insight & Involvement – TogetherCo
How StoryTagger works

Creating an onboarding campaign

Customise one of our ready-to-use onboarding story templates
Invite colleagues to share their work experiences
Use the video story in your onboarding campaign

Reduced budget, increased connection

With real-time onboarding cutting into budgets, Together Co needed to scale their volunteer training without losing the human touch or breaking the bank.


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