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Beat the competition for graduates and apprentices. Make your employer brand central to your early careers programmes using real stories captured with StoryTagger.

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Authentic, concise and user-generated stories covering the key points apprentices and graduates need to see.
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With talent in high demand you need to work harder

When recruiting for early careers you’ll already have one eye on retention! Job seekers trust the opinions of existing or former graduates and apprentices far more than corporate communication.

Real video stories and testimonials give applicants a glimpse into the working environment, company culture and what they can expect.

Don’t be seen as just a stepping stone

Successful early career programmes feed a sustainable talent pipeline. They also absorb a lot of time and investment. So you’ll want to avoid a constant recruitment and training loop if people leave during or at the end of the programme.

Sharing career progression stories from Day 1 is a great way for apprentices and graduates to focus on making an early impact as well as learning skills.

 What’s the story?

71% employers see
retaining graduates as
their biggest challenge
over the next decade

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Employee-generated stories

Why use StoryTagger?

Authentic stories from everyone

Let job seekers and new starters hear directly from existing apprentices, graduates, line managers and leaders reinforcing why this is a great place to work.

Share anywhere

Make video stories part of your early careers comms and bring social proof to the recruitment process.

Simple to use

Recording a meaningful story is easy for any employee, making it quick to curate.

Always on topic

Help people lean into the topics that matter to graduates and apprentices without needing a 1-1 interview.

Brilliant stories

Every story will add value to how you attract, recruit, upskill and retain the best early careers talent.

No editing required

Agile video curation allows you to be more creative, strategic and personalised with how you share early career stories.

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Using stories to attract and recruit the best apprentices

With an incredible archive of national artefacts from every age of written civilisation, the British Library knows more than most about the power of storytelling. But, how could they use stories to attract the best apprentices and make the candidate journey a more inclusive experience?

Read how the British Library used early career stories to enhance their most recent apprentice recruitment and onboarding drive.

Try for yourself

Early careers story topics

A day in the life

Ask colleagues to share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their role with tips to prepare new hires for what they can expect.

How this programme shaped my career

Showcase career progression and development opportunities by asking previous graduates to share their success stories.

How our organisation works

Introduce different functions and the role they play in achieving your company vision.

Living our values and behaviours

Integrate next generation talent into your culture by colleagues sharing how they live your values and behaviours.

What our customers say

StoryTagger made it easy to capture impactful videos to upskill candidates and open the curtains on what a brilliant experience it is to work at the British Library
Gemma Lunn
Early Careers Specialist – The British Library
How StoryTagger works

Creating an early careers campaign

Customise one of our ready-to-use early careers story templates
Invite colleagues to share their work experiences
Use the video story in your early careers campaign

Attracting and progressing diverse early careers talent

Global law firm Kennedys use StoryTagger in their early careers and apprenticeship team to support targeted recruitment and new starter engagement.

As well as regular employee feedback on their experiences the team piggy-back on public campaigns, such as National Apprenticeship Week, to amplify their employer brand presence. They also capture video stories from their 2nd year paralegals who are about to transition onto the next-stage Solicitor Apprentice programme covering themes such as:


  • Best part of being an apprentice at Kennedys
  • Experience of the industry
  • Skills learned
  • Future goals

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