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StoryTagger guides users to reflect and share short, focused and ready-to-share video stories to help everyone connect, learn and thrive at work. Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

What makes StoryTagger different to other video apps?
StoryTagger excels at helping people translate their ‘in-head’ reflections into short, insightful and confident video stories delivering value on a range of topics. Most other video apps focus on helping people film what’s in front of them or lack the scaffolding people need when self-filming for work.

What devices can people use to record stories?
Creators can share stories via their desktop using the Chrome web browser or they can download the mobile app for free from Google Play and the App Store. Simply search for ‘StoryTagger’.

Does the StoryTagger mobile app run on older devices?
Yes, StoryTagger runs on all devices that run operating systems still supported by Apple or Android. Please get in touch with our team for specific compatibility details.

Why can’t we just record videos without the app?
Well, you can, but StoryTagger uses structured storytelling techniques and interview automation to guide users to share short, purposeful video stories. Our customers tell us that without the app people struggle to reflect and identify what they should talk about, experience technical issues and often find it difficult to transfer large video files to secure corporate networks.

Does this make it complicated?
No. It’s true StoryTagger guides people to go deeper than when you create a fun video on TikTok or Instagram, but it’s no more complicated. Anyone, regardless of self-filming expertise, can use StoryTagger without instructions.

Will it be hard to onboard?
You can see from our client list that we support some pretty impressive organisations. We have plenty of resources to help your IT security, Privacy, Legal and GDPR teams onboard.


Campaign Manager

StoryTagger’s admin area helps your team manage everything from campaign design, creator onboarding and video file distribution.

How much content can I create and curate?
Your team can create and curate as much video content as you need. You can take advantage of the great features we’ve built to help everyone share their best stories.

What skills does my team need?
The Campaign Manager knowledge base contains toolkits, guides and copy snippets to help anyone build their curation skills and engage a community of knowledge sharers.

Do you provide templates
The Campaign Manager has plenty of templates to help you capture video content and subject matter expertise for a range of goals including career stories, DE&I, internal communication, development programmes and many more.

Where can the videos be hosted?
Campaign Manager allows you to download standard MP4 files that can be hosted on your social or learning platforms that support video. You can also use StoryTagger to host your videos and publish to the apps for creators to view as a cohort.

Do you support APIs?
StoryTagger supports a range of API requests that will allow you to develop deep integrations with your existing technology stack.

Can I get subtitles?
Transcripts and subtitles are available to download as SRT and VTT files.



See how employee-generated video can support your goals
"StoryTagger team's support, flexibility and collaboration have been amazing in the past months. So delighted to be working with you on this project."

Smaranda Dochia

Director of Digital Learning & Events
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StoryTagger was designed for enterprise, so we’ve got everything in place to service the most demanding of onboarding processes.

Is StoryTagger GDPR compliant?
StoryTagger was developed in a post GDPR world, so our platform, End User Licence Agreement and privacy policies comply.

Do you have resources for our IT security and legal teams?
We’re used to getting StoryTagger set up in complex and security focussed organisations. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll support those conversations or requirements.

How long does onboarding typically take?
It depends on your internal processes, but it can take from just a couple of days to a few weeks.

Can we see your terms and conditions of service?
Sure, you can view them here



Our plans

We keep our plans simple with no hidden extras.

How is StoryTagger sold?
Our plans are based on how many story creators and administrators will have access to StoryTagger at any one time.

What is a story creator?
A story creator is anyone who you’ve granted access to the StoryTagger platform to share their story.

Can administrators manage story creators?
Yes, you can move story creators on and off the platform as required. Removing a story creator will delete all of their records and videos for GDPR purposes. Because of this we advise retaining creators who you need to record multiple videos, and allow for this in the number of story creators you purchase.

Is StoryTagger expensive?
No, we believe our platform should be accessible to every size of business. We offer plans for all organisations, from small consultancies to large, global enterprises.

How do we pay for StoryTagger?
You can currently pay by invoice or credit card.