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Stories win hearts and minds, give a face to expertise and inspire change, but until now storytelling has struggled to thrive in digital workspaces.

See how StoryTagger solves this challenge through automation and guided employee-generated video.


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See for yourself how smart video technology helps unlock the power of employee storytelling.

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StoryTagger keeps the process ridiculously simple for the user.

Christopher Lind, Learning Sharks

A great way to get your experts in the business to talk about what they do best.

Mark Cobain, ERM

StoryTagger supports us in showing the values we believe in and the culture we want.

Camelia Coman, City & Guilds

What makes StoryTagger different?

There’s lots of ways to create content on digital channels, but only StoryTagger makes it easy for people to share complex work stories with the depth to increase engagement, support learning and inspire change.

Four things you’ll love from your trial experience

We are absolutely chuffed with what we’ve done with StoryTagger so far and we’re really excited about continuing to build this library of amazing user generated video content.

Jenny Bernarde, Learning People

We help you see where storytelling can support your goals

Our experts work to understand your specific challenges and goals to make sure you get the most from your trial experience.

You’ll find StoryTagger intuitive and simple to use

We’ll set up a simple workflow in your sandbox account for you to adapt and experiment. It’s as easy as we promised.

Our team are experts and ready to support you

During your trial, our team is on hand to answer any platform questions, and make sure you have the right engagement workflows to bring people along.

StoryTagger opens up so many new possibilities

And, it’s not just content. You’ll see how StoryTagger helps your creators practice must-have skills and share incredible tacit knowledge to meet a huge range of business goals.

The most inspirational learning teams in the world use StoryTagger

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Frequently asked questions

How much does StoryTagger cost?

Our starter plan costs less than the most basic video shoot, but the real value is how you’ll unlock a repeatable, powerful and human way to discover employee tacit knowledge. Book a free trial or intro call to find out more.

Can we extend the licence to my whole organisation?

Yes, and once you have the platform licence, additional user licences are priced for you to scale, easily.

Do you support complicated onboarding processes?

Our enterprise plan includes additional support time to work in line with your processes. StoryTagger is used by some of the largest global companies so we have experience and process to support complex requirements.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, StoryTagger was developed post GDPR and our European customers have helped us develop additional tools that go above and beyond basic employee privacy and data security laws.

Do you offer managed services?

Yes, if you prefer to outsource we can run StoryTagger as a managed service. Ask us about this on your discovery call.

Can StoryTagger integrate with our systems?

Yes, StoryTagger is designed to be part of your ecosystem. Ask us about integration on your discovery call.