Attract and retain next generation talent with inspiring early careers stories

Stand out from your competition with relatable, ready-to-share employee-generated videos.

There’s tough competition for the best apprentices and graduates. 

Stories have always been the top way to attract the best people but text-based career stories and corporate videos often land flat. Career seekers want the full picture. So, when employees tell their own stories on video they are authentic, powerful and connect with the next generation.

  • Make employee voice central to your employer brand.
  • Showcase your stellar apprentices and graduates.
  • Promote specific early careers programme support.
  • Celebrate career opportunities, development and progression.
  • Leverage National Apprenticeship Week and other career events.



Why use StoryTagger to capture inspiring early career stories?

Other enterprise tools don’t guide employees to reflect and record inspiring video stories so you’re probably still curating content manually.

Many teams are missing out on the benefits of employee-generated video as admin, editing and poor video quality just gets in the way.

StoryTagger can help. See how simple it is to plan, record and share a work story via your desktop browser or the mobile app.


See how easy it is for employees to share their video story

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Global brands trust StoryTagger

Helping organisations attract and retain the best talent through video storytelling.

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We think StoryTagger is fantastic. Having used it to support our early careers and apprentices, it’s so user friendly and a great way to show what it’s like to work and progress at Kennedys

Abbie Pople
HR Assistant, Kennedys Law

Let employees tell your story

Highest quality employee-created stories

Great video storytelling looks simple done well, but most people struggle to reflect, stay on topic or capture a clear sound and image. StoryTagger makes everyone a compelling storyteller.

No more real-time video interviewing

Other HR technology isn’t designed to help people share inspiring work stories. This means employees need live support and lots of editing. StoryTagger reduces admin, budget and the need for specialist skills other tools require.

Ready to launch campaigns

Designing great interview questions to unlock your most valuable employee knowledge takes time and experience. StoryTagger has a library of templates and automation tools to help you meet every deadline.


Case study: Kennedys Law

Attracting and progressing diverse early careers talent

Global law firm Kennedys use StoryTagger in their early careers and apprenticeship team to support targeted recruitment and new starter engagement.

As well as regular employee feedback on their experiences the team piggy-back on public campaigns, such as National Apprenticeship Week, to amplify their employer brand presence. They also capture video stories from their 2nd year paralegals who are about to transition onto the next-stage Solicitor Apprentice programme covering themes such as:

  • Best part of being an apprentice at Kennedys.
  • Experience of the industry.
  • Skills learned.
  • Future goals.


Early careers template pack
ready to use, customise and share

We’ve created this pack to help you curate powerful stories to inspire your next generation of talent. Templates include:

A day in the life

Colleagues share a behind-the-scenes glimpse of their role.

Real World Tips - taking notes

My apprentice story

Apprentices share experiences, what they’ve learned and future career goals.

Introduce your programme

Promote opportunities and support available on your early careers programme.

There is always a challenge to try and keep things modern and alive and revived, and I think StoryTagger has definitely helped to introduce that into the program.


Laura Frames, Learning and Development Advisor
Bouygues Energies & Services

The platform is easy for anyone to use, it’s accessible and helps bring stories to life in the most convenient way. With StoryTagger’s help and expertise, we’re able to get the most out of our students and create innovative and engaging marketing collateral.

Jenny Bernarde, Social Media Executive
The Learning People

Frequently asked questions

How much does StoryTagger cost?

Our starter plan costs less than the most basic video shoot, but the real value is how you’ll unlock a repeatable, powerful and human way to discover employee tacit knowledge. Book a free trial or intro call to find out more.

Can we extend the licence to my whole organisation?

Yes, and once you have the platform licence, additional user licences are priced for you to scale, easily.

Do you support complicated onboarding processes?

Our enterprise plan includes additional support time to work in line with your processes. StoryTagger is used by some of the largest global companies so we have experience and process to support complex requirements.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, StoryTagger was developed post GDPR and our European customers have helped us develop additional tools that go above and beyond basic employee privacy and data security laws.

Do you offer managed services?

Yes, if you prefer to outsource we can run StoryTagger as a managed service. Ask us about this on your discovery call.

Can StoryTagger integrate with our systems?

Yes, StoryTagger is designed to be part of your ecosystem. Ask us about integration on your discovery call.

Bring to life what it’s really like to kick start a career with you

See for yourself why StoryTagger is the leading tool for curating employee-generated video.