Celebrating gender equality with IWD2023 stories

How to foster inclusivity with storytelling in the finance sector

Triple Point is a purpose-driven investment manager creating opportunities to help address society’s biggest challenges. Corporate and social responsibility is baked into its mission and ways of working. So, it’s no surprise this financial company is also dedicated to creating a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

A signatory of The Diversity Project, Triple Point is celebrated as a top small business to work for in London. This year, their focus on DE&I included a storytelling campaign for International Women’s Day to showcase their commitment to gender equality. Keen to democratise this process and give a voice to people from across the organisation, Triple Point chose StoryTagger as an easy way to capture meaningful stories and break down any barriers to contribution.

StoryTagger was a powerful and effective way to share and leverage authentic video stories that we would have struggled to capture otherwise
Miriam Speidel
Learning and Development Specialist, Triple Point

Developing an inclusive and equitable work environment

Triple Point strives to create an environment where employees thrive and can be themselves. This helps to achieve higher levels of employee engagement and better talent retention. Plus, by bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences, they can innovate and build even better customer relationships.

International Women’s Day is a global red-letter day on the DE&I calendar, taking place annually on March 8th. It offered an ideal opportunity for Triple Point to celebrate and highlight the social, economic and cultural achievements of women.

The goal of the campaign was to show their commitment to gender equality and applaud the many brilliant women across the organisation and what the day means to them.


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Miriam Speidel, Learning and Development Specialist, devised the “What does International Women’s Day mean to you?” campaign in collaboration with internal champions. A great way to empower women within Triple Point, they aimed to highlight diversity at every level of the organisation. The same question was asked of their male colleagues too; engaging allies to think about the day and hear from people they know.

By using StoryTagger, Miriam and the team were able to compress video production schedules. After quickly setting up their campaign on the platform, they invited people from across the business, at all levels and different departments, to share their stories. Each creator had a 7-day submission deadline allowing people to record at a convenient time in their busy schedules. This flexibility meant the team captured a wonderful, varied collection of insights and heartfelt perspectives to blend into a powerful montage.

Contributors included Triple Point’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Head of Public Sector Funding, a Business Development Trainee and the Associate Director of Private Credit. Each storyteller shared their own unique and authentic perspective on this important topic in response to the brief and prompts provided via StoryTagger. They spoke about:


      • Everyday acts of heroism
      • Inspirational women in finance
      • The need to create a more inclusive workplace for future generations
      • What can be achieved by working together

The stories

Triple Point shared their brilliant video montage companywide via internal channels and joined the #IWD2023 conversation on LinkedIn.

It’s a wonderful celebration of the women helping Triple Point and the financial sector forge ahead and continue to do things better.

The impact

Triple Point’s vision for their IWD campaign was to celebrate and amplify the voices of women within the company. By leveraging StoryTagger, Triple Point successfully achieved this, creating a powerful and impactful initiative which promotes a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture.


“I am so proud of all the amazing women I work with. This is an inspirational post from some of the amazing women at Triple Point.”

Isobel Gunn-Brown, Linkedin

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