Better virtual inductions with user-generated video

Together Co accelerates induction to meet surge in service demand

Together Co, a loneliness charity who befriend vulnerable people in need, halved training time while tripling the number of support-ready volunteers with their user-generated video induction playlist.

They were facing a surge in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the strict social distancing measures in force created extra challenges not only for people in the community but also for the way Together Co delivers its support services. Getting new volunteers up-and-running usually takes place via 1-2-1 web calls which could take up to an hour each. With urgent, increased demand Together Co needed to innovate and find a new way to reach their exponentially growing team with vital information.

Using StoryTagger, Together Co were able to create a series of 12 targeted video resources covering all essential aspects of support in less than 48 hours. The videos were set up as a playlist on YouTube accessible not only to Together Co’s volunteers but also to loneliness charities across the UK. The speed and effectiveness of this solution enabled the team to:

    • Halve training time whilst tripling the number of additional support-ready volunteers
    • Provide an extra 1000 hours of lifeline support during first UK COVID-19 lockdown

They’ve since recorded a new suite of resources on both revised and new topics involving the whole team. This has helped to not only upskill team members but also make volunteers feel a stronger connection with the organisation.

Focussing on key take aways, this has proved an agile way to continue inducting large numbers of volunteers and introducing them in a friendly, credible way to Together Co’s experts.

The impact this has had on our organisation is incredible. We can induct large numbers of volunteers on an ongoing basis and the team can focus on adding value.

Emily Daniel
Operations Lead, Together Co

Better Virtual Induction Training With User-Generated Video

Together Co use video storytelling as an effective way to share key information with their audience whilst also enabling people to meet the team virtually and feel connected to the organisation. Hear first-hand how they get the team to share vital knowledge and experiences with StoryTagger.

Video induction resources from Together Co

Shared as a YouTube playlist, Together Co’s employee-generated videos enabled new volunteers to meet their colleagues, feel connected and complete the online training at their convenience. These videos are just a selection of the content used for their volunteer onboarding programme. You can take a look at more employee induction video examples on the Together Co playlist.

Together Co - Introduction to training - Video
Together Co - Welcome - Video
Together Co - What happens next - Video

Help your new starters feel connected

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