Higher online conversions and course take up with rich video testimonials

The Learning People showcase impact of online courses in career videos

As a leading provider of career-ready online training, The Learning People steps in when people are either starting out or exploring how to pivot their careers. They’ve created a powerful library of advocacy video content showing how their courses help people progress their career in tech.

Building relevant, in-demand skills is crucial to growing a successful tech career. When choosing a career path, there’s a lot at stake so it’s essential prospects can hear from certified students who have benefitted from one of their courses.

The marketing team recognised the power of real video stories from real people so used StoryTagger to capture honest, concise yet rich student testimonials sharing their career ambitions, expectations, personal challenges and study approaches. As well as giving advice to others, the stories also talk about their experience of The Learning People, why they chose them and the impact of getting certified in a new skill.

Hosted on their website and posted on social media, The Learning People now has a powerful, and growing range of advocacy video content made with StoryTagger helping them increase online conversions and course take up. The stories show the benefits of career change and help new students make the right choices for them.

User generated video is a really important strategy for us. Across our marketing channels we want to be able to showcase our students and their success stories and ultimately this acts as social proof in a really accessible way.

Jenny Bernarde
Social Media Executive, The Learning People

Powerful Student Testimonials With User-Generated Video

Using StoryTagger to invite students to share their success stories, The Learning People offer valuable, real-life insight into what it’s like learning with them. Hear first-hand how they get the best from their content creators.

Video testimonials from The Learning People

See how The Learning People capture rich, authentic stories about what it’s like to train with them and the impact their courses have on students. Video advocacy content, which goes beyond ‘vanilla’ feedback, is a powerful way for prospective students to ‘meet’ relatable people who have already taken the plunge on developing their career with support from The Learning People. For more stories, take a look at The Learning People website.

The Learning People - Shazaib Arif - Video
The Learning People - Selina Li - Video
The Learning People - Carmen Turnbull - Video

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