Insightful video profiles to match coaches to clients

People Untapped created a simple marketplace for clients to select coaches who are the best cultural fit

People Untapped, a consultancy specialising in interventions that unlock potential, wanted to optimise aspects of their customer service by helping people select the best coach, trainer or facilitator for their needs.

They came up with a simple yet brilliant plan to collect rich, authentic biography videos from all of their front-facing team and associates. With an important project on the horizon, the People Untapped team needed to create a vendor-neutral ‘lookbook’ in record time so it was important that the videos were consistent and enabled customers to compare like-for-like.

Using StoryTagger, the team captured a vibrant collection of short video profiles using the tool’s interview structures and prompts. Gillian Davies said “StoryTagger worked extremely well, easy for the contributors and required very little of our time to capture great content”.

The always growing bank of video profiles covers facilitation or coaching approach, assignment examples and expertise providing a clear, structured and easy way for clients to select professionals who are going to be the best cultural fit.

It’s worked really well, been easy for the contributors and required very little of our time to capture great content.

Gillian Davies
Project & Technology Executive, People Untapped

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Insightful video profiles to match coaches to clients

How did People Untapped create a simple marketplace for clients to select professionals who are the best cultural fit?