The power of storytelling for learning transfer in executive education

Harnessing learner-generated video to enhance leadership development

We caught up with Jade Mountain, Director of Digital, about how London Business School is using StoryTagger to enhance learning experience and transfer. Here’s what Jade had to say:

Back in May 2022, the Learning Technologies event took place in London. As many of you will know, this expo is a key opportunity for those exploring and providing EdTech solutions to connect; and for people like me to horizon scan – what could we do differently, why should we do this, what are our competitors doing, and what is new and exciting in the world of digital learning?

In Executive Education at London Business School, we look for technology that enables learning and enhances impact, but not at the expense of lengthy administration time or complex system integrations. And, that is why I sought out Carl Hodler on the StoryTagger stand.

Don’t just take it from us

StoryTagger ticks all the right boxes, and their team are great sources of information. I can’t recommend StoryTagger enough.
Jade Mountain
Director of Digital, London Business School
Executive Education

Learner-generated video creation is a great learning activity in itself, and when structured and embedded thoughtfully in a learning journey, also provides critical evidence of learning transfer (either via making or viewing of video). We wanted to experiment with learner-generated video as it offers multiple learning opportunities, that we know benefit the executive learning experience:

    • Increased peer learning – democratised learning with and from others
    • Reflection on application – being connected to the learning, even in the flow of work
    • Evidence of learning transfer and impact – seeing the distance travelled on the learning journey

While creating video on your own mobile phone is easy, the logistics involved in creating and viewing video in a group to support learning transfer, is harder. As an institution, we need to be able to collect, curate and share videos from a dispersed cohort into a central space, through various firewalls, only to then be able administrate and curate, and ensure everyone has easy access – that’s a tough nut to crack!

Plus, how do you ensure that executives share something concise yet meaningful that’s going to add value to a learning experience? That’s where StoryTagger came in!

“I’ve got better comms skills, a new way of seeing things and can understand people better than before. My plan is now to spread knowledge across our organisation to drive innovation.”

Programme participant


Introducing the Innovation Challenge

For our first collaboration with StoryTagger, London Business School identified a leadership development programme focussed on innovation. This 6-month long programme started in September 2022 and the cohort comprised five senior leaders from five different organisations.

As part of the programme, each team needed to identify a real Innovation Challenge Project which they then could ideate, communicate, work on and present as part of the final assessment and graduation. This is the practical thread on which they applied the theory and skills delivered through three modules, focussed on key areas of innovation.

One of the major goals for the end-customer is learning transfer. How could they create a multiplier effect not just for the individual teams but within the five participating organisations, and beyond?

As part of this, the programme had a dual development goal – to grow the capabilities of participants a) to become innovation champions in their own organisations to drive sustainable business growth AND b) to collectively take a further step towards the realisation of their country’s 2035 strategy and vision.

The original brief included an aim to capture learner-generated video from the participants on their journey and progress. By using StoryTagger, London Business School had the opportunity to extend this brief to not just deliver advocacy content for marketing but to directly impact the learning experience and transfer.

Find out more about how London Business School embedded StoryTagger to increase learning transfer below.

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Embedding StoryTagger into the learning experience

How could StoryTagger be best embedded to meet the programme’s objectives?

A small working group (which included the Programme Director, Digital Director, Client Relationship Director and StoryTagger Consultant) came together to look at the existing programme goals and learner journey.

Powerful communication and storytelling skills were key components. Every participant would need to know how to construct and deliver an impactful story, as well as creating an ‘executive’ presence and having more intentional control over how they ‘show up’.

StoryTagger was a perfect fit to democratise learning, support personal reflection and knowledge transfer amplifying what each participant had learned and applied within each team of five leaders, across the whole cohort and with the ability to teach this back to their own organisations. Each personal reflection is the start of the ripple!

So, the campaign was designed to support reflective practice and learning transfer whilst providing source material for an impactful advocacy video to share with the client at the end of the programme.

“You can read someone’s bio but seeing them on video, telling us what innovation means to them and what they’re aiming to get out of the programme – I felt like I knew them! And I established a relationship with them so much faster.”


Linzy Schaller
Programme Director

The StoryTagger activities were 100% embedded and positioned as core to the programme with clear signposts and touch points. The facilitator introduced video storytelling as a value-add from first contact reinforcing plans to leverage StoryTagger throughout the programme.

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Before the induction

The facilitator led by example and recorded a video message to start building a relationship with the cohort in the run up to the live event.

Every participant introduced themselves and shared what innovation means to them, the output of which fed into Day 1 of the first live module. This gave everyone the chance to start thinking about key themes and get into an innovation mindset. It also gave the Programme Director a head start on building connections and interactivity.

During each live module

Teachback: For the five day module each team member volunteered to teach back one of the day’s learning so one video each in total per module. This embeds their own learning and creates essential knowledge transfer and assets which can be shared within their organisation. The facilitator pulled these themes into the ‘reflect and connect’ session each morning.

Before the next live module

Integrating learning insights: All participants were invited to reflect and share how they’ve applied learning after a coaching call and before the next live module. Once again this fed into the live session.

After graduation

Final experience on presenting to leadership: All participants share what they’ve learned and more about their experience on their innovation journey as well as a parting commitment to transferring knowledge.



Building stronger connections and amplifying learning transfer

Using StoryTagger has been a fantastic value-add for the programme. It’s had a positive impact on the cohort’s learning experience and their ability to connect and learn from each other. The facilitator had a better understanding of the cohort’s goals, perspectives and expectations from the get-go and sharing learner insights during and before each live module helped drive debate and transfer.

“London Business School’s total commitment to embedding StoryTagger into the whole learning experience paid dividends. The result – better learning transfer through the power of storytelling!”
Cheryl Clemons - StoryTaggerCheryl Clemons
“There was absolutely a value add. People had fun doing it, and enjoyed watching each others perspectives and interpretations. I’ve recommended StoryTagger to all Programme Directors I’ve talked to.”
Linzy Schaller - LBSLinzy Schaller
Programme Director,
London Business School


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