Employee stories to attract early careers talent

Kennedys Law boosts recruitment drives and new starter engagement

Global law firm Kennedys uses StoryTagger in their early careers and apprenticeship team to attract and progress diverse early careers talent.

As well as regular employee feedback on their experiences of Kennedys, the team also piggy-back on public campaigns to amplify their employer brand presence such as National Apprenticeship Week. This year they crowdsourced video stories from their 2nd year paralegals who were about to transition onto the next-stage Solicitor Apprentice programme.

For the Apprenticeship story Kennedys covered themes such as:

    • Best part of being an apprentice at Kennedys
    • Experience of the industry
    • Skills learned
    • Future goals

Having launched a Virtual Work Experience Programme during the pandemic, the early careers team have also captured advocacy stories to help people take their first step in law.

We think StoryTagger is fantastic. Having used it to support our early careers and apprentices, it’s so user friendly and a great way to show what it’s like to work and progress at Kennedys

Abbie Pople
HR Assistant, Kennedys Law

Using Video to Attract and Progress Early Careers Talent

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, Kennedys Law asks their current cohort to share insight into their programmes, including the type of work they get involved with as well as advice for any potential applicants. Hear first-hand from apprentice Abby Cockrell about her early career story.

Early Careers Stories at Kennedys Law
Early career stories from Kennedys Law

By using real success stories from real people, Kennedys Law look to connect with the next generation of apprentices in a powerful and authentic way. Here are just a few of the early career and apprenticeship stories they’ve shared across their social media channels.

Find out how StoryTagger can help you attract and retain the best talent in your early career programmes.

Kennedys Law - Early Career Stories - Video
Kennedys Law - Early Career Stories - Video
Kennedys Law - Early Career Stories - Video

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