Video testimonials to help L&D create more business impact

How the Emerging Stronger initiative harnessed lessons from global disruption

Recognising the need to support and connect the L&D community, the Emerging Stronger initiative sought to adapt to rapid changes brought on by the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This global initiative, driven by the collective wisdom of industry experts Michelle Ockers, Shannon Tipton, and Laura Overton, focused on uniting L&D professionals worldwide behind one purpose – transformation. By providing the insights, tools and resources needed for L&D to transform learning practices and adapt to new challenges​​, they empowered people to take the bold action needed to positively impact their businesses.


The stories

The Emerging Stronger initiative used video storytelling to create a series of participant testimonials. The result was a collection of powerful advocacy video stories offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the movement and how learning professionals grew their practice as a result. They asked questions around three core themes:

      • What prompted your Emerging Stronger Journey?
      • What was your biggest ‘aha’ moment?
      • My strongest recommendation for L&D professionals is …

These videos were then added to their website. Take a look at the final stories.


By capturing knowledge and lessons learned from the three year initiative in this way, they were able to inspire and upskill the rest of the global learning community.

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Video testimonials to help L&D create more business impact

How Emerging Stronger used powerful advocacy stories to unite the L&D community and transform learning practices.