Connecting new starters with retail brand on induction bootcamp

Adidas helped new employees grow affinity to the brand, core values and each other

Adidas, the second largest global sportswear manufacturer, successfully onboarded a 250-strong sales team to their flagship store as part of an innovative three day induction bootcamp.

To help new starters, mostly digital natives in their 20s, grow affinity to the brand, core values and each other the L&D team used StoryTagger as a contemporary and impactful way to share experiences throughout the event.

Starting with a video icebreaker the new team were invited to share their personal stories about the brand, London and what matters to them. Existing managers and senior leaders recorded authentic welcome messages which communicated their passion without impacting their busy schedules. Plus, everyone reflected on each day’s experience via the platform to share their top takeaways.

As well as supporting the whole induction experience live, a mash-up of the video stories was shown on a big screen as a powerful finale, creating a digital archive of the event.

This allowed new starters to understand the Adidas mission and brand values through shared experiences. It also meant they felt connected with leaders from across EMEA region and be part of the bigger Adidas story while being supported on a personal level.


Help your new starters feel connected to your organisation

Hearing first-hand from leaders, coworkers and fellow new starters is the most compelling way to accelerate and improve the induction experience. Find out more about how StoryTagger help your new starters feel connected to people, purpose and their future careers with real onboarding video stories.

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