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StoryTagger really helps get behind the story as part of a wider narrative, as part of that campaign or as part of that piece of e-learning.

Mark Cobain
Global Learning Services Manager | ERM

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Why StoryTagger is a must-have HR tool for 2022

Improve performance

Spread innovation and good practice

Most teams have their go-to experts but what if you could source the latest good practice from across your whole organisation?

StoryTagger helps everyone reflect and codify complex work experiences into bite-sized video stories so you can share expertise on customer service, innovation, sales enablement, transformation or wellbeing.

Close the skills gap

Helps everyone be a better storyteller

Soft or power skills are not just for leaders. Everyone needs them now to stay relevant at work but they’re notoriously hard to practice on the job.

Our story engine, based on reflective practice principles, provides a smart way for people to develop over half the must-have job skills identified by the World Economic Forum.

Through storytelling, employees practice skills like critical thinking, resilience, emotional intelligence and social influence whilst creating valuable content at the same time.

What makes StoryTagger different to your current video tools?

Automate video interviews with subject experts
Designed for busy learning teams who need to do more and better for less workload and budget.

Highest quality employee-generated content
It uses reflective practice to guide subject matter experts to focus on what’s of most value to your organisation.

Interview templates aligned to common business goals
Customise built-in question frameworks to support a wide range of corporate learning experiences.

Helping our employees across the globe share work experiences   

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What StoryTagger customers say

We think StoryTagger is fantastic. Having used it to support our early careers and apprentices, it’s so user friendly and a great way to show what it’s like to work and progress at our company.


Abbie Pople, HR Assistant – Trainees and Apprentices
Kennedys Law

StoryTagger enabled Together Co to launch a digital training programme for volunteers. Through user generated videos we have been able to share key information with volunteers whilst also introducing them to staff, and helping them feel connected to the organisation. 

Emily Daniel, Operations Lead
Together Co

Frequently asked questions

How much does StoryTagger cost?

Our starter plan costs less than the most basic video shoot, but the real value is how you’ll unlock a repeatable, powerful and human way to discover employee tacit knowledge. Book a free trial or intro call to find out more.

Can we extend the licence to my whole organisation?

Yes, and once you have the platform licence, additional user licences are priced for you to scale, easily.

Do you support complicated onboarding processes?

Our enterprise plan includes additional support time to work in line with your processes. StoryTagger is used by some of the largest global companies so we have experience and process to support complex requirements.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, StoryTagger was developed post GDPR and our European customers have helped us develop additional tools that go above and beyond basic employee privacy and data security laws.

Do you offer managed services?

Yes, if you prefer to outsource we can run StoryTagger as a managed service. Ask us about this on your discovery call.

Can StoryTagger integrate with our systems?

Yes, StoryTagger is designed to be part of your ecosystem. Ask us about integration on your discovery call.