Transformative work stories without realtime interviews

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  • Why you need ‘learnable’ stories and how they’re proven to influence learning transfer, application and meaningful change.
  • How StoryTagger empowers your people to share their most valuable experiences aligned to critical business goals.
  • What makes an employee storytelling platform different to standard video tools plus the extra impact you can expect.

See how teams use real stories to fuel change

In your demo we’ll share how similar companies use StoryTagger
London Business School
Bouygues Energies & Services
Common Purpose
Kennedys Law
People genuinely had fun and enjoyed being able to watch their colleagues’ perception, interpretation or perspective on something.
Linzy Schaller
London Business School – Executive Education

Specific work stories aligned to business goals

See how your team can take employee-generated video to the next level

Engage people with video

User-generated video has transformed how people learn on social media. See how you can mirror this engagement at work. 

Give people confidence to share

Manual recording doesn’t work because employees worry about what they should say. Discover what support they need. 

Real change is built on real stories

We look to our peers  before deciding to change. Find out how to capture brilliant stories from a diverse cross-section of your employees. 

See what makes StoryTagger different

Most video apps only focus on recording a slick video.
When you need people to share 
valuable work experiences, storytelling matters more.

Manual recording

No support for creators.
Best for experienced vloggers.

Video apps

Great video effects.
Best for spontaneous clips.

Storytelling apps

Reflection and storytelling aids. 
Best for knowledge sharing. 

How StoryTagger helps

Watch how employee-generated video is meeting real business goals

This team created a powerful library of brilliant video testimonials to showcase student impact and increase learning take up. 

This team halved training time and tripled the number of support-ready new starters to meet a surge in demand.

Christopher Lind - Learning Sharks
StoryTagger keeps the process simple for users while allowing a designer to structure a quality story.
Christopher Lind
Learning Tech Talks
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Discover what makes StoryTagger different to other video tools and see how real stories drive organisational change and foster a culture of learning.


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