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  • Faster to design and deploy
    Reduce time from ideation to release with bite-sized, ready-to-share video content.
  • Less vanilla, more human content
    Increase engagement by replacing copy, animation or long, rambling content.
  • Better in-team video capability
    Build on your team’s skills to achieve efficiency, reach and scale.
  • Active learning and skills
    StoryTagger’s guided process embeds knowledge and contributes to a stronger learning culture.

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Creating real impact with StoryTagger

How customers use employee-generated video to meet urgent business needs.

See how online learning provider, The Learning People, created a powerful library of brilliant video testimonials to showcase student impact and increase online learning course take up

How loneliness charity, Together Co, halved training time and tripled the number of support-ready volunteers to meet a huge surge in demand with their user-generated video induction playlist.

The impact this has had on our organisation is incredible. We can induct large numbers of volunteers on an ongoing basis and the team can focus on adding value.

Emily Daniel
Operations Lead, Together Co

Why do teams use StoryTagger to curate employee-generated videos?

Reduce costs

StoryTagger eliminates the need for complex video editing and automates admin tasks. 

Higher quality content

It uses reflective practice to guide subject matter experts to focus on what’s of most value to your organisation.

Easy to get started

Anyone can customise built-in question frameworks aligned to business goals with step-by-step tutorials.

Simple to record

Designed for busy employees who need plenty of support to record on-topic learning content. 

StoryTagger addresses the challenges of content creation by keeping the process simple for the user while allowing a designer to structure a quality story.
Christopher Lind, Founder
Learning Sharks