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As our working lives change and turn towards accessible online resources, the demand for video learning platforms has increased. Video learning as a concept is becoming increasingly popular, with studies claiming that it improves people’s ability to remember concepts and details that are often forgotten in lectures, powerpoints and documents. As the demand for video learning continues, companies have begun shifting their focus towards creating specialist video learning tools that offer the same levels of engagement and learning support in accessible, online formats.

But what makes a great learning platform? What key components separate an asynchronous video learning tools, from, say, traditional live virtual training methods through video communication apps such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Webex?

What are video learning platforms?


Simply put, video learning platforms are interactive online services that provide users with a variety of resources, tools and interactive elements to help further their education on specific subject matters. They can be used to support work and education goals and are helpful for teachers, managers and CEOs, as well as junior employees and students. Let’s face it … YouTube is a good example here.


How StoryTagger’s video learning platform works


Our video learning platform is designed to help users create and share short, focused selfie videos about their work and learning experiences. Your story is broken up into small scenes to create snappy, engaging responses that pinpoint core, interesting elements of your story to make it interesting and useful to viewers. Even if you aren’t a natural storyteller, our video learning tool uses nudges and prompts to ensure you never lose your train of thought and keep a natural narrative flowing. You don’t need to be a master at editing, filmmaking or a gifted storyteller, our app takes care of that for you!

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We’ve also included a helpful video that explains how our mobile video platform service works:


The campaign manager curation platform

Our managed digital tool focuses on making next-gen video curation fast, easy and accessible to all skill levels. Users create story or interview frameworks in the campaign manager which are then published on the StoryTagger mobile app (above). The main benefits of our app is the time saved on creating unique video content that doesn’t eat into your work hours through editing and storyboarding. You can also manage and share your videos to existing platforms, or publish it on a private space on the app for specific audiences. For more information on how StoryTagger helps your business and team create shareable and valuable videos, head over to our Campaign Manager page.

Why StoryTagger?

Creating unique corporate videos using traditional production methods or software typically takes specialist skills and can cost your business a lot of money. Our video learning app and campaign manager service takes a fraction of the time to create genuinely personal, value-rich video content. We can guarantee exceptional selfie videos every time using our app because it:

  • Uses intelligent face-framing tech that allows space for captions and subtitles
  • Has improved eyeline that creates a stronger and more personal connection with the viewer
  • Offers clear audio even in noisy environments 
  • Incorporates video stabilisation to ensure a smooth, continuous filming experience 

Most video apps focus on filming what’s in front of the camera. StoryTagger guides people to reflect, codify and share their own learning experiences. It’s designed to build confidence in self-filming and develop reflective practice skills that help the best stories rise to the surface. This, coupled with a range of flexible price options, provides ultimate flexibility over your video creation process. We also offer an exclusive 20% discount for charities.

Customer stories & case studies on our video learning platform

Below are just a few of our case studies regarding our video learning platform. Head to our customer stories page to hear more inspiring examples of how our clients have used StoryTagger.

Bouygues Energies & Services 

The fabulous learning team at Bouygues Energies & Services is one of our early customers who continue to innovate and use StoryTagger to meet a wide range of needs in a really proactive and pragmatic way.

The Student Room

The Student Room (TSR), the UK’s largest online student community, knows that the best support for students often comes from other students. Partnering with the University of East Anglia (UEA), TSR needs to help and advise undergraduates during a time of high excitement, uncertainty and anxiety as they enter the next major stage of their lives.

Cambridge Judge Business School

One of the top-ranked business schools in the world, Cambridge Judge Business School has used StoryTagger to help their MBA students start and grow their careers through three separate projects.

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As businesses continue to find and develop new ways of communicating and providing online resources through the COVID-19 pandemic, video learning has never been more crucial. StoryTagger offers the best of both worlds to ensure that your business and employees are able to create and share insightful videos that deliver value on a range of topics.

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Video learning platform to crowdsource knowledge and experiences


Where do you operate?

The StoryTagger team are based in Brighton & Hove in the South East of England. However, our client base extends across the UK and the rest of the world, including in Europe, the USA and Mexico.

How do video learning platforms help people to learn?

Video learning platforms are designed to support an insightful, memorable and accessible learning experience for all users. In StoryTagger’s case, our app places a strong focus on learning directly from peers, increasing both trust and communication elements internally. 

These tools are now more important than ever in post-COVID society. Video learning tools can come in several formats, but predominantly focus on app-based learning and premium platforms that host videos and may offer access to other helpful tools, resources and support areas.

How much are your services?

The StoryTagger mobile app is free to download from both Google Play Store and the App Store. We offer a variety of price options depending on the number of creators you want to actually self film video content . As part of the licence, you can create and share as many videos as you want.

For more information on costs, take a look at our pricing section.

What is an online education platform?

An online education platform is essentially a service that provides a range of online interactive learning services that teachers and educators use to support and enhance education for the users (typically students). Some online education platforms are also used to enhance the experience of a virtual classroom.

Is Zoom good for online teaching?

Zoom has become a popular turn-to for companies and clients to communicate. However, despite its growing popularity through COVID, it is not specifically designed for teaching, nor is it a professional video learning platform. Of course, it’s a great platform for live meetings, advice and support but it is predominantly a video communication service with no specialist learning functionality or resources.

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