Make knowledge sharing feel more human

StoryTagger is the video storytelling platform helping employees share tacit knowledge and develop key skills in the flow of work.
Discover how digitising workplace stories helps all your people to learn, collaborate and improve at work.

Learning through stories

We learn best through stories and storytelling, and StoryTagger recreates the human connection we love from ‘water cooler’ conversations in digital. 
Organisations of all sizes trust StoryTagger to unlock tacit knowledge with stories:
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Close the skills gap

Power skills for everyone

Soft or power skills are not just for leaders. Everyone needs them now to stay relevant at work but they’re notoriously hard to practice on the job.

Our story engine, based on reflective practice principles, provides a smart way for people to develop over half the must-have job skills identified by the World Economic Forum.

Through storytelling, employees practice skills like critical thinking, resilience, emotional intelligence and social influence whilst creating valuable content at the same time.

Improve performance

Spread innovation and good practice

Most teams have their go-to experts but what if you could source the latest good practice from across your whole organisation?

StoryTagger helps everyone reflect and codify complex work experiences into bite-sized video stories so you can share expertise on customer service, innovation, sales enablement, transformation or wellbeing.

Give digital storytellers a helping hand

Unlike other digital tools, StoryTagger uses storytelling and reflective practice techniques to surface your organisation’s most valuable knowledge.

It’s been specifically designed to provide the scaffolding your people need – helping them feel confident, valued and able to contribute.

The storytelling platform learning teams have been waiting for

Automate video interviews with subject experts

Eliminate the need to run real-time video interviews with your subject matter experts. Customize templates attached to real business goals to share with all your experts asynchronously.

Automate repetitive administration tasks

How do you get sharing a video story to the top of your creator’s to-do list? No diary planning and reminders. Set up the first invitation, nudges and thank you messages with engagement automation.

Highest quality user-generated videos

No more generic, badly shot videos that go off topic. StoryTagger helps everyone discover and share tacit knowledge and experiences to guidance you set. It even helps remove imposter syndrome!

No more time-consuming edits

It couldn’t be simpler to export or stream videos to your LMS, LXP and social learning spaces. StoryTagger is designed to minimize the need for editing so most videos are ready to share or compile into an impactful montage.

What StoryTagger customers say

User generated video has been an effective way to share key information whilst enabling people to ‘meet’ the team and feel connected to the organisation.

Emily Daniel, Operations Lead
Together Co

StoryTagger is a really powerful tool because it means we can be part of the video creation process, even though students may be on the other side of the country.

Nik Taylor, Head of Content
The Student Room

“Your support, flexibility and responsiveness throughout has been top class.”

We know getting started with a new platform can feel a huge leap into the unknown, and that’s why our team goes the extra mile to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Simple to onboard

We work with some of the biggest and most security conscious brands, so we understand what it takes to get new technology into your ecosystem. Our Enterprise plan includes extended support for a smooth onboarding process.

Plans for all sizes of team

Our starter plan costs less than the most basic video shoot, but the real value is the ability to unlock a repeatable, powerful and human way to discover tacit knowledge and develop your people.

Getting your people started

Curating employee-generated video is hard without expert tools. StoryTagger incorporates our years of experience and proven workflows to help you engage the most video shy cohorts.

Additional support, when you need it

StoryTagger couldn’t be much easier to start using, but our experts are also available to set up repeatable workflows you can take over or provide a fully managed service if that’s your preferred model.

Try StoryTagger today

We’re excited to share how StoryTagger can help your team curate impactful stories from across your organisation.

You can access our mobile app or start a curated experience with a 7-day trial in your own sandbox account.


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