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Real people, Real stories, Real impact

With thousands of video apps available why do you need one that focusses on storytelling at work? 

StoryTagger is different, because it helps People, Talent and Learning teams capture detailed reflections without an interviewer. 

It helps employees confidently share something of real value to your business. With everyday employees sharing real stories, UGC video brings engagement and success to all kinds of projects. 

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London Business School
Kennedys Law

Missing out on your most influential tactic for inspiring action?

People are unlikely to take action when they don’t hear why things matter direct from co-workers. Share real stories if you see these signals:

Change happening too slowly

Right skills and behaviours not spreading

People feel disconnected

Training fails to impact business results

Too many open positions on talent marketplaces

Low engagement with learning

Stop writing scripts that struggle to reflect real workplace experiences

While video technology has evolved, storytelling has not been democratised.
Corporate video
  • Expensive, complex and slow
  • Difficult to scale
  • Recording can feel stressful
Teams interview
  • Set up costs
  • Hidden editing overhead
  • Low quality results
AI text to video
  • Extensive script writing
  • No real employee voice
  • Low authenticity lacks trust

Start co-creating authentic stories about real experiences with your people

StoryTagger works in three simple steps.

Design + invite

Quickly customise a story template and invite colleagues to share.

Reflect + record

Sharing a work story has never felt this simple using the desktop or mobile apps.

Review + share

Authentic, on-topic stories, reflecting your company culture, ready-to-share on all platforms.

Don’t just take it from us

StoryTagger empowered Amazonians to share their best insights by creating a level playing field in a simple way.
Michal Niezgoda
Senior Program Manager, Amazon Alexa

All sizes of company share inspirational work experiences with StoryTagger

City & Guilds
London Business School
Royal Mail
Kennedys Law
Cadent Gas
Bouygues Energies & Services
Association for Project Management

Every Learning, Talent & People team needs a storytelling strategy

Create real change by sharing stories about the journey of change.

Develop culture

Stories are the foundation of culture. People need to feel part of it and equipped to contribute through storytelling.

Upskill employees

Show the human story behind progression and the opportunities available on your talent marketplace.

Improve retention

Use stories to help employees feel connected to co-workers, leaders, company values and opportunities.

Align to business

Enabling employees to share tacit knowledge, practice and experiences directly links L&D’s impact to specific business goals.

Do more with less

When experts work with you to create learning, your team can be more responsive to business needs and increased demand.

Overcome overload

Add vital organisational context to show why learning matters. This increases engagement and helps people prioritise their development.

See how your company can benefit

StoryTagger combines the power of co-creation and UGC video

It’s the must-have storytelling platform that does one important job, brilliantly.


You help people share brilliant work stories

  • Explore story template library
  • Customise questions if needed
  • Invite story creators

Focus on storytelling makes recording feel simple

  • Select story prompts and add notes
  • Record using smart tools
  • Brilliant results in a few minutes

You have ready-to-share stories for faster business impact 

  • Review stories and grab AI generated transcript
  • Download video in MP4 format
  • Upload to your current platforms

See how StoryTagger will work for you 

Hear from our customers

StoryTagger is a great way for people to talk about what they do best, in a way others connect with.
Mark Cobain
Global Head of Learning and Enablement, ERM

How to get started with StoryTagger

With over a decade of corporate storytelling experience, you’re in safe hands with our team.

See StoryTagger in action

Let us show you how employee storytelling creates impact with a personalised demo.

Share with your team

Distribute your demo recording and StoryTagger resources with colleagues to surface more use-cases. 

Select your plan

Estimate the number of seats you need based on how many different campaigns you’re planning to run.

Book your onboarding session

Our experts will help you run your first StoryTagger campaign from design to evaluation.

See employee storytelling in action

Watch examples of stories created with StoryTagger

Emerging Stronger Alliance is an organization that aims to empower Learning and Development professionals to take bold action that positively impacts businesses.

They recognise the challenges and opportunities brought about by disruption and have developed four lenses to help L&D professionals embrace these changes.

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Storytelling at work

Read this guide for a new way to think about employee storytelling and how to make it happen with an inclusive, intentional workplace strategy.


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