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Transform complex work experiences into ready-to-share video stories

StoryTagger is the employee-generated video platform helping everyone share knowledge as powerful, on-point videos to engage, teach and inspire coworkers.

Organisations of all sizes trust StoryTagger to transform tacit knowledge into impactful video content.

London Business School
Kennedys Law


We are absolutely thrilled with what we’ve done with StoryTagger, building a library of amazing user generated video content.
Jenny Bernarde

The Learning People

How StoryTagger works

Curate brilliant video stories in three simple steps
Add questions using the simple cloud based admin dashboard
Employees plan and record stories with user friendly desktop and mobile tools
Manage and download ready-to-share videos with AI transcripts

It’s time to embrace employee-generated video

User-generated content is the world’s most engaging, trusted and relatable media source. Today, employees expect to learn from their coworkers. Employee-generated video is the cost-effective, agile and inclusive way to meet thier needs. 
What stories to share?

Story discovery tool

Explore the real work stories you need to capture to meet a wide range of business goals.
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Empower more people to share learning experiences

TikTok, Insta and YouTube have changed how people learn forever. Without a strategy to scale how employees share their expertise on video, you’ll struggle to engage people, change behaviour or inspire them to develop skills.

  • Traditional video production is complicated
  • Real-time 1-1 interviews don’t scale
  • Recording interviews via Zoom has hidden costs



Higher engagement and trust with employee video

The costs and complexity of capturing subject matter expertise force busy teams to overuse generic content, written copy and low cost animations. These fail to engage employees or provide the organisational context people need to apply what they’ve learned.

  • Extensive written copy fails to engage
  • Generic content and animations don’t create learning culture
  • Too hard to communicate trust without video


UGC video is more responsive, engaging and efficient

Automate with

Record MS Teams

Pop-up recording

Internal video team 

Times based on estimated average production hours required to set up, design, manage, record, edit, sign-off and release 10 employee interviews in these different formats.

Accurate, concise and high quality content

StoryTagger makes it simple for employees to share complex stories using storytelling, reflective practice and smart recording tools. Capture regular on-topic videos from people across your organisation without the high cost and admin of traditional video production.



Help people share complex stories with story frameworks

Use story frameworks to help employees align their story to your specific goals. Explore the extensive template library to get started, or create from scratch. Once ready use engagement automation to invite, nudge and thank creators for contributing.

Designers can customise interview questions, video duration and complexity of response



Recording work stories has never felt simpler

Everyone feels more confident sharing stories with StoryTagger. The app helps people feel their story matters, and guides them through an easy step-by-step process. Smart tools make sure every video is well-framed, with enough light and clear sound. 

People record using the StoryTagger mobile or new desktop web browser app




Stories are ready to share on your current platforms

Stories are instantly uploaded to your library where you can generate transcripts, subtitles and export standard MP4 files. Because StoryTagger takes care of all the editing, your content is ready to distribute on your existing channels, authoring tools or learning platforms. 

Download all StoryTagger content in MP4 files with transcript and subtitles


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User generated video has been an effective way to share key information whilst enabling people to ‘meet’ the team and feel connected to the organisation.


Emily Daniel, Operations Lead
Together Co

One of the biggest challenges of any user-generated content initiative is actually getting users to create the content. Storytagger addresses the challenges by keeping the process ridiculously simple for the user while allowing a designer to structure the experience, ensuring a quality story.

Christopher Lind
Learning Sharks

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City & Guilds
London Business School
Royal Mail
Kennedys Law
Cadent Gas
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Association for Project Management

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Top class support, flexibility and responsiveness

Our team have many years expertise in user-generated content, employee storytelling and engagement.

Getting your people started

Curating employee-generated video is hard without expert tools. StoryTagger incorporates our years of experience and proven workflows to help you engage the most video shy cohorts.



Share video stories everywhere

Videos are instantly ready-to-share on your existing platforms. And because StoryTagger automates complex editing and optimisation, time to business impact is dramatically reduced.



Simple to set up

Working with the biggest and most security conscious brands, we understand how to get technology into your ecosystem. Our Enterprise plan includes extended support and bespoke onboarding processes.



Plans for all sizes of team

Our starter plan costs less than a basic video shoot, but the real value is the ability to unlock a repeatable, powerful and human way to discover tacit knowledge and develop your people.



What stories to share?

Story discovery tool

Explore the real work stories you need to capture to meet a wide range of business goals.
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 Develop a co-creation culture that delivers ever-increasing returns.
  • Improve how you collaborate with experts
  • Make employee voice central to all programmes
  • Create a sense of belonging from Day 1
  • Take a storytelling approach to DE&I
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