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The guided video storytelling tool for capturing and sharing real customer and employee experiences

Easy video storytelling for enterprise

Design a topic

Anyone with communications, HR or training skills can use our simple online toolkit to create engaging story frameworks that meet unique organisational goals.

Use our mobile app

Our simple mobile app guides your people through the storytelling process, empowering them to reflect, create, record and upload their own inspiring experiences on video.

Share your videos

It’s easy to share, manage, moderate and track your organisation’s uploaded stories, with analytics to help improve existing content and plan future campaigns.

What users are saying

It’s easy to use. The prompts are very helpful for creating your story.

We instantly noticed how easy and intuitive it is to use the app.

You really don’t need any training time and can record your own stories immediately!

Storytelling that inspires real learning

Storytelling for inspiring learning

The best learning comes from sharing real experience. And today more and more organisations are recognising the benefits of good storytelling.

YouTube shows just how memorable video can be, but creating and sharing meaningful learning stories to support organisational goals isn’t always straightforward.

Helping more people to share

That’s where StoryTagger helps. It combines a guided storytelling app with a managed digital platform for creating and sharing inspiring user-generated video content.

Easy to use

The StoryTagger mobile app makes it easy to plan, create and share stories. With our expert, step-by-step coaching and useful built-in tools, anyone can use it.

No production costs

There’s no need to pay for location filming, interviewing, editing or specialist training. Any number of people can create high quality story videos – fast and free from production costs.

Simple content management

There’s no need for additional equipment or digital infrastructure. StoryTagger takes care of uploading, content management, moderation and analytics. So you’re free to focus on effective storytelling.

StoryTagger: designed for different needs

We’ve been helping all kinds of organisations to tell powerful learning stories over many years. Stories that help inspire and share knowledge. Stories that support organisational change and transformation. Stories that bring values to life.


Helping employees to capture and share
their own learning stories


Communicating with consumers and generating advocacy.


Supporting classrooms, campaigns
and communities effectively.

People use StoryTagger in ways that continue to surprise us.
Discover some of the best ideas for inspiration.

Your stories, your brand

When you create a story group you can customise its look and feel by adding your own branding and imagery. This makes sure your customers, students or employees experience a seamless brand experience.

LearnerLab inspired colleagues themselves to become advocates for the benefits of learning.

Dave Buglass Head of Colleague Product, Tesco Bank

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